1. Take care Nimmy. Lotz of warm wishes ur way. Hope to hv u bk soon. Good day to u too 🙂

  2. I’d like to know the exact reasons why the pages were pulled from Facebook. If indeed they didn’t violate its terms and policies, I can see why people would be upset – especially since Facebook didn’t do anything about the “Everybody Draw Mohammed” page.

    So I’ll need to reserve judgement here on what I think until I know the details…

  3. Facebook says the sites were used to spam users. If one takes the at their word (and why would they lie?) then it’s indeed justified to do this.

    • If it was done bcoz of spamming,I have no issues..But I didn’t read so,and hence the anger in the post 🙂

  4. Nimmy a lot of controversy is created by those with vested interest to keep alive a feeling of victimhood… I wouldn’t worry about facebook pages, there are other serious concerns. Like how everybody worries about infrastructure in Bombay and also about changing the name of the city, the language on the signboards but nobody cares how many are dying in Vidarbha. That’s what I feel…

    • Exactly! We dnt concentrate on Real problems! We make problems out of nothing 😦

    • Yes,petty issues are always blown up,regardless of race,gencer and community..And as you rightly said,nobody wants to address the right issues,those that are crux of the problem..

      I am a muslim,I don’t have a feeling of victimhood,rather i am simply thankful to God that I am here and now in India,and particularly in Kerala 🙂 A hindu friend or a christian friend of mine doesn’t have this feeling,but that doesn’t mean that all muslims and hindus and christians in this world are as privileged and as lucky as we are now..It is easy to comment about something in Africa,sitting here in Kerala. but I don’t think it is easy to go through it…

      Maybe we don’t feel empathized when somebody is speaking on housing issues in Mumbai or Journey issues of Amarnath,until and unless we ourselves are a part of it.. then,everything would make sense to us..So,I am not ready to let down others feelings,no matter how silly they are..

      A neighbor of mine was saying the other day that extremists are increasing in our locality. Initially,it didn’t make sense to me..But then I thought,I leave home at 8.00 am and come back at 6.30 pm.. So,all that happens here are not part of my life,and thatz why it doesn’t make sense to me.Otherwise,like him,i too would have worried and did something about what he said..

      Oh well,i have no idea what did i rant 🙂 all i wanted to say is that ,though major issues are there,minor issues to deserve attention,so that they don’t grow into bigger ,and more rotten issues

      Good day IHM…

  5. Questions should be posed, when someone calling themselves a Christian or Muslim, claims and does certain things too. <a

    • A Banerjee
    • July 21st, 2010

    Dear Nimmy,
    Perhaps the reason why Muslim terrorists are called so is because of the names of the various terrorist organizations. Names like ‘jamat-e- islami’, ‘hizb-ul-mujahideen’, ‘harkat-ul-ansar’ etc reflect the ideology behind the group which is ‘jehad’ against all ‘kafirs’.
    I wonder why liberal people (not muslims/hindus) like you don’t try to make these psychos understand instead of ‘reaching out to make the world understand’. If these sickos understand your ‘liberal’ and ‘peaceful’ point of view, it would be much better, isn’t it?

    • *****
      If these sickos understand your ‘liberal’ and ‘peaceful’ point of view, it would be much better, isn’t it?

      🙂 Good question,in fact an innocent, straight from the heart qstn… Banerjee..

      Can I ask you a small qstn? Am I supposed to take a flight ticket to Pakistan,Travel on donkeys for hours,and finally reach Mr Osama,and tell him all that I have been ranting here since 2 years? Apart from being a vague and insulting qstn,does that make any sense ,atleast to the questioner itself?

      Ok,now can i ask you another qstn? Can I,as an insignificant person, try my part to educate and enlighten others,on how things should be in right place and tell them how mislead these so called guardians of religion are? Its not hindus and chrisitans who read my blog..Many muslims too do,well atleast a few to my knowledge. If I could shed light atleast in the heart of a single person,I would consider myself more successful than all those NATO forces who are dying and failing to terrorists.. If one is enlightened,he/she would spread the word,won’t they?

      And in case you are interested,I can arrange you flight tickets to people like Muthalik,some in Gujarat ,some in Jharkhand and like.Please go and enlighten them and ask them to stop the hatred and violence they carry with them now…

      Good day

        • A Banerjee
        • July 26th, 2010

        Dear Nimmy,
        Please don’t take these comments personally. I don’t mean you when i say so. I mean the multitude of people who are significant contributors to their society (like doctors, teachers, academicians etc). these are the people who hold the power to convince people.
        Also, you say that I should take a plane and go to make people like Muthalik understand…..why is that? I feel that have the right to make anyone understand, whichever religion the person may subscribe to.
        perhaps that’s where the difference lies, in me looking at all humans as humans and you as muslims.

  6. hey get well soon!! take care!

    • Sri
    • July 21st, 2010


    I agree with you on firing of that senior editor. It is harsh. But not against the the standards of CNN and BBC.

    Then her comments were equally foolish to praise that so called spiritual leader. Interestingly she retracted her statement, might be to save her job, though unsuccessful.

    The murder mentioned by you is one of many committed by CPI(M) goons in this country.

    But I can not understand how you can compare that with incident of chopping of hands. In the latest incident, the clear motive is religion.

    You might say that religion is also the motive in the first one because of stupid and barbaric RSS getting involved. But the murderers are anti religious like me. That is what one has to see.

    Now tell me this: I heard many Hindus saying that crack down occurred on NDF because they attacked a Christian. If Hindu was the victim nothing could have happened. In the beginning even I believed this. But as I read more on who created this NDF and why, I changed my opinion. The very creators of NDF now want to destroy NDF. Strange!

    It simply boiled down to politics too. CPI(M) is trying to woo some BJP votes to fill the loss of Christian votes.

    The pure reason why security agencies cracked down on NDF because it has to be done in the light of its activities. But tell this to hard line Hindus and they will quote other incidents as examples of so called double standards. You see every one has their own double standards.

    Like some gentlemen said, here, people do not want to stand on Justice, instead they expect Justice to be on their side.

    But then what is Justice?

    • Hi Sri,thanks for coming back..

      Yes,you are right,that person was not a ‘so called spiritual leader. ” ,but an extremist.. But this editor was particular on what she said.She reffered to that man’s pro-women policies and attitudes.. Well in anyway, does that mean that one should not have an opinion of her own,on her personal space in twitter..Forget it,we are not going to reach anywhere discussing ‘Freedom of expression’..But my doubt is simple.. These so-called liberals can do it,but the rest can’t..

      “But I can not understand how you can compare that with incident of chopping of hands. In the latest incident, the clear motive is religion.”

      So what Sri? Does motive override the act? I am killing you in the name of religion,you are killing another one in the name of ideology you believe..What difference does it make? Motive comes in as a factor only in cases like a person killing for revenge and another one killing another for self-rescue..Here,there is no such qstn,all of them are doing it in the name of revenge.So to me,killing a teacher, infront of 11 yr old students is more brutal and barbaric tha cutting person’s hand on a road..Doesn’t mean that one is lighter,but definitely,the other is heavier..isn’t it?

      To me,no matter who is doing it,no matter based on which ideology,may it be islam or atheism or communism,itz all the same..How is it different Sri? I don’t understand..

      Yes,you are right about politics.. It saddens me that this happened in my state.. They are a blot on this community..

      Yes,what is justice anyway.. **sigh**

  7. Shed your anger Nimmy Madam, there are more battles to be fought. We need secular voices in this fight against fundamentalism and hate. The contents which authority is unaware, that is treated as treasonable. That may happened with facebook. I am not sure about the complete matter.

    Yet, I will say that other Christianity is other faith based religion and is particularly Islamophobeic because interaction of europe with Islamic world is brutal; And with CNN case, there is so much rise in Evangelical Christianity in USA giving way to fundamentalism. There is huge unawareness in USA about Islam that is needed to faced by American Muslims.

    Remember the man who preached the doctrine of non-violence, Mohandas Karamdas Gandhi. He once lamented to Rabindranath Tagore: “I am helpless. They won’t follow me.” Tagore responded: “If they don’t follow, walk alone.” Gandhi did, and within the space of a few paces the nation walked behind him. Breathes there a man amongst us prepared to risk what he is amassing?

    • 🙂

      As i said above,I have no issues if the banned group were spammers or like.. But when I wrote the post,I had no such info and hence the anger Yayaver..

      Everybody is talking about victimhood and of getting wiped away and being attacked by OTHERS..I am yet to figure out who is one my side of justice and fairness..

  8. Nimmy Madam, for a change check this link. It is about character of Islam in West Sumatra i.e Mixing Islam and Matriarchy;


    • Read the link yesterday.. Interesting 🙂 Thanks..

      • To me,Kerala is more harmonious than the rest,bcoz of the matriarchal culture that existed among Nairs centuries ago… Doesn’t make sense,i know,But i have felt so at times…

    • Sri
    • July 23rd, 2010

    To yayaver,

    Nimmy is ardently speaking for secularism.

    What else do you think?

  9. Sri, I know this. She is much more secular and humanist than me. I was just putting my share of views. Nothing extremist has been put in it.

  10. Nimmy I agree with Yayaver.

    i also feel we should save our anger for issues where life is at risk and try to ignore if only sentiments are hurt – these issues should not grow out of proportion. There are those who would love to see these become issues to instigate violence.

    Like Khap Panchayat bothers me because it kills innocent people, but I would ignore what M F Hussain drew, but I do care what happened in Kandhamal and Gujarat and Ayodhya and 1984 Delhi.

  11. Nimmy,
    Reading your recent posts I have a feeling that you are more and more falling into a ‘victim hood’ lament.

    Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah was a Lebanese religious leader who consistently opposed US/UK/Israel policies. That was why he was considered as a terrorist by USA. CNN being an American channel funded by American corporates have to toe the Washington line. That is why the Lebanese journalist had to quit for praising Fadlallah.

    It has nothing to do with Islam as you allege.If an Islamic religious leader [may be in Saudi/UAE/Malayasia] who supports USA dies CNN and BBC are sure to heap praise on him even if he is anti-woman.
    Islamists all over the World including India are trying to portray the conflict between exploiting rich Western States and exploited poor eastern states as an attack on Islam. For Western Corporates any country [whatever be the religion of the ruler or the population] which supports their market expansion policy are good [Saudi/Egypt/Colombia] and those who oppose it are evil[Iran/North Korea].

    Killing of BJP leader in front of children by CPM goons was certainly more heinous crime than cutting of the hand of the teacher in front of his family.
    But the public ramifications of the latter is much more important for the Kerala society.

    You said ‘all of them are doing it in the name of revenge’. Revenge for what?
    CPM claims the BJP leader was behind several murders of CPM men.so they are taking revenge in the same way by taking his life.BJP when it kills CPM men says the same thing.That is blood for blood,life for life.
    In the hand chopping off case the teacher only set a question paper that was thought by certain section of people as anti-Islam.No violence from teacher but only some words.Instead of answering by words or ignoring it the Islamists did a violent act as revenge against the teacher.So here the revenge for words was blood. Both are deplorable but resorting to violence when some one decides some words are anti-religion is much more dangerous to Kerala society than the political killings by CPM/BJP.

    • 🙂 Honestly,even I felt that I am way far away from what I was… I don’t know..But these are my current thoughts,I don’t feel like blogging anything else…

      As you know,I have never talked for extremists..I haven’t changed my stand,but as you said,I have a feeling that genuine concerns are not heard or discussed.When done,they say “There are much serious issues”..Maybe..But isn’t it true that small small issues grow bigger into big ones?

      Thanks for the light you lit …

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