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The Weight Of The Human Soul

“There has been disagreement over the centuries over just what the human soul is, or even if such a thing exists. The soul, which is not the same thing as the spirit, seems to be that spark of something within us that links us to our creator. Some say this is God. We believe it is the Mother Earth, from which we were spawned and to where we will return after our bodies are turned to rot.”


I’ve always thought that the weight of the soul is as heavy as a stone if one feel remorseful or as light as air when one is happy.It is the feel you have at any given situation which will make it lighter or heavier.For those who believe in souls, the soul is not a material article. For those who don’t, there is no such thing as a soul. Either way, the soul does not have a weight.Never did I think it the other way round!


Now some fun. Seems, there was a documented case of a doctor who tried to find the weight of a soul.


There was a strange experiment by a doctor in Massachusetts back in 1907 that suggests something, indeed, leaves the body at the moment of death. And that something weighs about 21 grams.


It seems that Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill conducted his experiment with the help of six dying patients placed in a specially designed bed. The bed was built on a scale so that they could be weighed before, during and immediately after death.


He said the loss was about three-fourths of an ounce, or just over 21 grams.


MacDougallconducted similar tests during the deaths of other patients over the years and got similar results. He noted that the entire bed was weighed so that any loss of fluids from urine or the bowels at the moment of death would still be weighed because the material would remain on the bed.


The doctor even considered loss of left-over air in the lungs. To test the possible weight of air in the lungs, he said he and another person each got on the bed and strenuously inhaled and exhaled. Their efforts made no change on the scale.


As a further part of his experiments, Dr. MacDougallwrote that he tried the same experiment with15 dogs. He said he had to drug the animals to keep them from struggling, which suggests that he also used drugs to kill them. He wrote that there was no change in the weight of the bodies of the dogs at the moment of their death.


What is that “something” which is not possessed by an animal,but by a human??


Isn’t that interesting!