How much water would it take to extinguish the sun?

Have you ever thought of trying to switch off the shining star by pouring water onto it?!Well before you make further plans,read this..

  • Because the sun isn’t powered by oxidation, but by nuclear reactions, putting water on the sun isn’t going to slow it down much at all, in fact, adding *LOTS* of water would probably make the sun brighter.That said, water extinguishes fire by two methods: cutting off oxygen, and cooling things down. You could try to approximate how much water at 0 degrees C it would take to cool the sun down to 100 degrees C.Alternatively, you could look up (use e.g. google) the amount of energy that the sun produces, and figure out how much water boiling off per second would be required to consume that amount of heat.
  •  Since the Sun radiates away its heat, and radiation is the least efficient of the heat transfer methods, placing the Sun in a tub of water would draw heat away from the Sun much quicker. But like said earlier, the Sun is not like fire here on Earth. The Sun shines by fusing hydrgen into helium by the immense pressure at its core. Adding anything to the Sun is sure to increase that pressure and make it burn even brighter. And (just a guess…) since water is 2 hydrogen atoms, they’ll probably get stripped away from the oxygen by the high heat so you’d only be adding more fuel to the fire + an oxidizer.
  • You will never be able to extinguish the sun with water. Adding water not only increases the amount of hydrogen fuel available to the star, but also increases the mass, hence increasing the pressure in the core of the star and thereby also increasing the rate at which nuclear fusion occurs.
  • I think a simple (and very imaginary) problem like this would be asking for a quantity of water (at some temperature – e.g. 0°C) that would be required to bring the temperature below the threshold for fusion – in this case for the CNO-cycle.Obviously, it will be a large mass – on the order of the mass of the sun – and anything that large with H and O might itself have sufficient mass to induce fusion or the conditions for fusion.
  • It is not possible. That mass of water would collapse like the gas cloud that formed the sun, the intense pressure would cause temperatures to rise in the core, causing the water molecules to break down into component atoms which would become ionized. Voila we have a new star. It cannot be done. The problem is a worthless excersize in algebra that has no connection to reality
  • In theory you could apply enough water to extinguish the sun, the issue with this is that the mass of that water would be so great that it would start to break down and cause fusion of the atoms, thus creating a second star.
  • Barring this physics barrier and the fact that water contains hydrogen that would just be adding fuel to the sun it is not impossible to extinguish the sun using water it is just HIGHLY improbable. (People will only tell you it is impossible because we have not determined the way to do it yet).

    On the other hand I found this article that discusses the size of an explosion needed to destroy the solar system:…

    Of course extinguishing or destroying the sun would be a rather bad move for most of us so it is probably best to avoid starting your water collection now!


Wasn’t that intersting?!


How do blind people dream?

An interesting question which never came across my mind..Its worth reading..Note different views.


  • The breakdown is as follows:

    There are no visual images in the dreams of those born without any ability to experience visual imagery in waking life.

    Individuals who become blind before the age of five seldom experience visual imagery in their dreams.

    Those who become sightless between the ages of five and seven may or may not retain some visual imagery.

    Most people who lost their vision after age seven continue to experience at least some visual imagery, although its frequency and clarity often fade with time.

  • It is possible for a blind person to know if they can see in a dream, even if blind since birth. It is merely a process of elimination with regard to the five senses.If a person is only blind, then they have four senses: smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These four things they will experience in waking life.If they experience something that is not one of the above, it may be sight.
  •  The same way people with sight ,dream. During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) memories are randomly recalled and put together, and make dreams. So, a blind person’s dreams would be made of randomly recalled memories. This may involve sound and, possibly color. How? Try this: Close your eyes, now take your fingers and press against them. Notice how you can see colors? Well, blind people can expirence that as well. My friend is blind, and autistic, and he often presses on his eyes for that reason. 
  • I’ve heard people born blind dream colors and shapes accompanied with sound and touch. My friend who went blind in her childhood says she dreams like the rest of us and uses the mental pictures of what her friends of family look like to her touch in her dreams. Cool huh, how by touching my face she can make a mental picture of me.
  • Everyone dreams (blind people included) and in general, people’s dream experience is similar to their waking experience. Since they were blind from birth, they do not have a lot of visual stimuli to draw on for their dreams, so they have dreams that are primarily auditory, tactile or even involve taste and smell. People who lose their sight very early (before age five) apparently experience no visual imagery in their dreams. Visual imagery is a variable for those who lose their sight between ages five and seven. People who lose their sight after age seven almost always have some level of visual imagery present in their dreams
  •  People who previously had sight dream of what they saw back then, otherwise, anybody that was born blind dreams in respect to every other sensation: smell, sound, feel, etc. People who previously had sight dream of what they saw back then, otherwise, anybody that was born blind dreams in respect to every other sensation: smell, sound, feel, etc childhood have no visual imagery in their dreams. Instead, they experience a very high percentage of taste, smell, and touch sensations in their dreams.

For further reading,Google is the best choice 🙂

Wanna be successful in life!…But WHY???

“How to be successful in life?”
Isn’t that an age-old ,one billion dollar question?But I’ld like to think it the other way.”Why do you wanna be successful in life?!”                                                                                                            
‘Success’ is a subjective term..For me,success maybe to have my tomato plant yeild fruits,it maybe the completion of a C program that search for palindromes and like.But for a person of different profile,success may mean to accumulate wealth and increase social status…to compete or co-operate with others…to destroy others who harm you, or to practice nonviolence and nonresistance …to die having succeeded in your purpose and so on..and finally,for some people it is to simply live until one dies!
Leaving aside the defenition of what success is,let us hear from people why they feel they should be successful.
  • “I need to be successful as to have a career and getting to live without regret into old age with lots of friends.”
  • “Because I need Money Money and Money.”
  • “I need to be successful inorder to reach the highest possible level of awareness, deepest possible level of perception, newest possible levels of consciousness.”
  • “If I am successful, I will have money. And really, money does buy happiness. In my opinion, living on the streets is not being happy for me.Also it helps because I am an advertisers dream. I buy what I want. (And that is basically everything I see).”
  • “For being able to look back on my life at deaths door, and smile.”
  • “Because if i’m not successful in doing what i love, then it would be a fairly depressing existence.”
  • “So that i can help less fortunate people .”
  • “I know what the struggle is like, and I would prefer to not lose hair each month when the bills arrive!” 

……. So goes on the varied thoughts.


 Well,this question gave some answers like these too:-)

  • “I don’t! The less success the better, I would rather live under a bridge than have to have bodyguards, or paparazzi following me around.”
  • “If I wanted to be successful I would be already. Clearly, I love getting SSI and doing nothing all day.”   


To me , personally I need to be successful so that I’ll gain recognition in my personal life, career and among the friends who mean a lot and that is my barometer for success in journey through life.”How many lives did I touch “..That is what makes sense to me.And what is it to you?

Is life all about Yahoo-ing!

Ever since i stumbled upon Yahoo Answers,I find it hard to stay away from it .No matter how busy the day is,I find myself peeping into YA! once in every 10 mnts..Once you are into the fun of “point gaming” you act like a teenager for all those points and “Top Contributor ” badge.Well,dn’t ask me whether these points are gonna get you some cash award or like stuff..Still I find YA! a heavenly place where people make your life hell..I had never been to a chat room all my life.Even now I am least interested..YA! is a great place for you to learn and share..Trust me,I am never guilty of the 6 hrs time I spent a day at YA!..Its really nice to know that there are many things in this world that widens your horizon.Rather,its funny to see how people vent off their real life frustration upon others,and trying to act smart sitting behind a monitor..


Its all good..unless and until you are sure of yourself not to get adiccted..I guess I’ll be using YA! until I bang off my computer ..I am still logged on YA!,with my sore eyes..I really need a sleep.. Isn’t that pathetic :-/


Oh oh,i forgot to mention something..I am a “Top contributor” in two section HA HA HA…and I love my orange badge.I need to keep an eye on some jealous people who keep reporting me..Let me leave..Bye..

“Hello World”

Isn’t that the “welcome note by default” that you can expect from a techie 🙂


Well,never am I a techie though I graduated as a Software Engineer.I do find computers and writing codes exciting but i find kitchen and utensils ,plants and fertilizers more interesting..Err..Does that sound crazy??


Though I don’t know what is the particular purpose of this blog,I do wish to learn more of blogging,and share some interests of mine..


Please make your suggestions and criticisms..


Hello world!

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