Is life all about Yahoo-ing!

Ever since i stumbled upon Yahoo Answers,I find it hard to stay away from it .No matter how busy the day is,I find myself peeping into YA! once in every 10 mnts..Once you are into the fun of “point gaming” you act like a teenager for all those points and “Top Contributor ” badge.Well,dn’t ask me whether these points are gonna get you some cash award or like stuff..Still I find YA! a heavenly place where people make your life hell..I had never been to a chat room all my life.Even now I am least interested..YA! is a great place for you to learn and share..Trust me,I am never guilty of the 6 hrs time I spent a day at YA!..Its really nice to know that there are many things in this world that widens your horizon.Rather,its funny to see how people vent off their real life frustration upon others,and trying to act smart sitting behind a monitor..


Its all good..unless and until you are sure of yourself not to get adiccted..I guess I’ll be using YA! until I bang off my computer ..I am still logged on YA!,with my sore eyes..I really need a sleep.. Isn’t that pathetic :-/


Oh oh,i forgot to mention something..I am a “Top contributor” in two section HA HA HA…and I love my orange badge.I need to keep an eye on some jealous people who keep reporting me..Let me leave..Bye..

“Hello World”

Isn’t that the “welcome note by default” that you can expect from a techie 🙂


Well,never am I a techie though I graduated as a Software Engineer.I do find computers and writing codes exciting but i find kitchen and utensils ,plants and fertilizers more interesting..Err..Does that sound crazy??


Though I don’t know what is the particular purpose of this blog,I do wish to learn more of blogging,and share some interests of mine..


Please make your suggestions and criticisms..


Hello world!

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