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“Ahem,well Awards are for nice bloggers alone ” ;-)


An award is a note of appreciation,of friendship and a silent message-that ‘you are remembered’…I am blessed to have friends like you..Thanks a ton for making my day a beautiful one 🙂 I sent you warm wishes and love across the,what a boring literature-ist I am 😉 Somebody asked me “Do you get awards simply ‘just like that’??? I replied “Ahem,well no..Infact only friendly and sweet and smart people like me are granted awards” 😉


Indianhomemaker has awarded me ‘Bloggers for World Peace’..Read what she says about this award

Some bloggers we agree with a little, some not at all and some whole heartedly.Some bloggers give us Hope. They are bloggers who care, for ALL THE CITIZENS of this World. These bloggers can see above the generalizations of Caste, Community, Religion, Language, Region, Race and National boundaries. They are the hope of our UNITY IN DIVERSITY. This Special Award, very close to my heart goes to..

 Thanks IHM,I am honoured 🙂


 Nita  is an established professional blogger,and it is indeed a great honour to receive an friendship bracelet from her ..Thanks Nita ,thanks for being a friend,a dear friend 🙂



Smitha is my new dear ‘n’ near friend..She says

Nimmy – I love the passion in your posts..

Thanks a lot Smitha..Words of appreciation are the most priceless gift you can give me..Though you name your blog as ‘Random Thoughts’,every post has deep thoguhts and positive messages..Keep writing and lets hope to make a difference to the hearts of people around us 🙂



Thanks you all again..Apart from all these,my husband has awarded me ‘The best Lazy Girl Award” I am indeed very lazy 😦  Since when winter started,I have become extra lazy,lazy to do anything and everything-except sleeping  😉


Good day to all..