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Choco ‘n’ Bread Pudding

Its sweet time again.I think I am not in a good mood today as to write an intro to the dish..Lets move on and see what I have brought for you..


We’ll need


Milk-2 cups

Cubed Bread-6 slices

Sugar-1/2 cup

Cocoa-1/3 cup

Egg yolks-2 slightly beaten

Butter- 2 tbspn

Vanilla-1 tspn

Egg whites-2 stiffly beaten

Nuts and raisins-1/2 cup

Bring milk to boil.Add bread pieces and make a smooth mixture.Add sugar,egg yolks and cocoa.Beat well until all ingredients blend well.Add butter and vanilla extract.Now,fold in egg whites and mix gently.Add  nuts and raisins.Pour into a greased baking dish and bake for 25-35 minutes(until middle portion becomes firm).Serve warm or chilled.

Itz gonna get baked...


Itz baked!!!


Isn't that nice!!


My Cashew picky on action!