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Date ‘n’ Choco Fudge in 10 minutes

Itz date season here in Doha,and I see dates everywhere.I see dates when I open my front door(therez 3 date trees in my ‘garden’)..I see dates when I go outside(everywhere therez date trees and date trees alone).I see dates when I open my fridge(my husband brought a ton of dates-gift,gosh..)I see dates when I visit relatives(they too are blessed with dates gifts,**rolls eyes**).

Dates Dates Dates..I hate it..


This is the only friut that grows here and when itz season,all those with good varieties gift(get rid of) their dates to each other..I distributed my carton of dates among family members here.Most funny part is that,when we went there to ‘gift’ them dates,there is a ‘gift packet’ waiting for us..Guess what??DATES again….I yelled”Oh no..Not again” .


I don’t feel like throwing them away.God will punish me:( So I made up my mind to process dates in various forms..Dates cake,Dates pickle,Dates payasam,Dates fudge ..The list is still to continue;bcoz therez still much more dates left.

I dn’t like the idea of spending too much time in kitchen.Whatever I cook,I make sure it ends up fast( and tasty too).Herez a recipe that yummy and very easy.



We’ll need

Ripe dates(deseeded)-1 cup

Raisins-1/4 cup

Nuts of your choice-1/4 cup

Sugar-2 tspn

Honey-2 tspn

Vanilla extract-1 tspn

Butter-2 tspn

Cocoa powder-3 tbspn


Milk-2 tspn


(The list may seem long..But its all handy items that are available in the kitchen at any point of time.If you don’t have them,buy and store in refrigerator.Its worth buying as all these items are used in many recipes)

Melt butter over low heat,add cocoa and sugar.Stir for 2-3 minutes under low flame.Remove from heat.In a large bowl,mix all ingredients and stir .Add butter-cocoa mix and blend well.Now,you can either roll out into desired shapes with your hand,or you can remove to a greased pan and cut into pieces later.Serve cool.


P.S You can serve this with a scoop of ice-cream.