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Freedom of expression-Round up

This has indeed been a brainstorming session,and i am very much sure that you guys got sick and tired towards the end ..I am sorry for not putting much input-it is simply becasue i don’t have clear idea of the subject.


Thanks to all for your precious time and sincere efforts to convey the idea in words.I know that unlike me who sits in front of pc almost whole day,most of you are working or studying and thanks a lot for sharing so much of am sounding so formal.Sorry,but i just felt like appreciating everybody for taking part in the discussion.


Both Charakan and Indyeah/Solio have valid points[mentioned them in particular as they were who added lot of thoughts,it doesn’t mean that I didn’t read or don’t appreciate others inputs].In the end,both of them are coming to a single point,a walk-over through the main points,as it would be injustice on my part to ignore their effort and time spent on the post.


First of all,the basic FACT that this heated discussion happens is because,as Kanagu says,

As you have mentioned in the end when the people have people have strong belief in their faiths this will not happen.

Charakan shares the same words

Do you think your religion will be destroyed becasue of that?Then you dont know religion


Me,Indyeah,Solilo,IHM,Manju,all of us hold the same opinion,period.


Secondly, as Chrakan says,majority of people are peace loving.But the minority fundamentalists have strong influence in our society and hence all these issues happen when they exploit the mass[who have no idea of spirituality ,but are happy in mechanical religious rituals that are repeated in equal intervals of time] accompanied with the politicians who are bothered about power and vote banks.To Charakan’s words[just the main points]


  • 1% of fundamentalists are holding the peace loving public to ransom.
  • All fundamentalsits want such an impression in general public,that religion is above law
  • Politicians believe that if a fundamentalist say something all members of that religion will follow suit

Now see what Indyeah says about us,the mass who doesn’t have a second thought before going on street,the moment we hear ‘Oh,your religion and culture is in danger,there is war on Islam,there is muslim propaganda to flick hindu girls,there is Christian conspiracy to convert all indians’ etc etc.Her words:


What of the masses?I know they are gullible and stupid fools one might call them..But in their gullibility they take lives and give their own..

So true..They burn public property,they are so furious that they want to wipe out anything and evreything that wouldn’t satisfy their ego..


Ok,now looking into solutions,this is where difference of opinion happened.Charakan says


. Or you can just ignore him/her,ask all your friends and family members to do so and even put some notices asking people to boycott him.Or you can hold a peaceful dharna [after getting prior permission from the police] in front of the artist’s house or Gallerry. Instead of campaigning against hate-mongers of all religions we are putting the artists in the dock.s

Indyeah said


That they [artists]should be gently told to avoid a thing or two once in a while?

Atleast till the state is able to ensure that the artists are secure and free to express whatever they want..


Is it not our responsibility to act as responsible citizens and ensure that while the masses stay within their limits and not start getting violent at any opportunity

One view is not to have limits,but that the solution lies in the mass being more tolerant and secular.The other view is to have some limits until and unless the stae becomes smart enough to handle the situation, rather than just sitting idle and watching the show[as is the case it happens mostly]. As Gargi said,

the Government is the evil.

Agreed,but we are a part of the whole system and there is no point blaming the government.I disagree with her when Gargi says that Government is impotent-No,we the mass are the impotent ones,singing tunes to whims of every other rowdy or anti-social element round the corner.


In my opinion,the solution is inline within the thoughts of Charakan and Indyeah-make the mass tolerant,meanwhile,as Poonam said,let government deal with the situation as it required in a law and order scenario.


So how do we make the mass more tolerant.Spread awareness about facts facts facts.When people say ‘there is war on Islam’,make people understand that faith is something unshakable,and those with shakeable faith needn’t remain in the system.When they say that India is going to burst out due to increasing muslim population,give them facts that the rate of decline of poluation [fertility rate]among muslims is so high that they will come to a stagnant state,which as been acheived by Hindus andChristains already) soon.So,maybe they will have to take a 2999 more births to see india getting stuffed with muslims..When somebody tells you that Christians are converting every Indian,make them understand that faith is not something than can be forced upon,and those who convert for food or education will either come back to original religion or will secretly continue practicing what they believe in.There is no point in projecting numbers..I have read reports on rocket increase in number of muslims.I find it so hard to believe that so many people are attracted to Allah,I am sure theer are many converting out of ‘no choice left’.So,my question is,what is the point in converting if you have no love or faith in the system.Agreed that statistics is on the ride,but of what use? Coming back,I feel there is no point in worrying over conversion.Those who love it,will remain in it forever.Those who fly away never deserved to be in it.Afterall ,Sanadhana Dharma is all about living a blissful life.


Sorry,I lost focus. I was talking about spreading awareness about FACTS rather than rumors.And secondly tell people either to follow religion in complete or not follow it at all.the half-baked state is the most worst and dangerous one.


Thirdly,in regard to government intervension in these issues of moral policing,pressurize the so-called leaders to TAKE ACTION as per the penal code.When girls where beaten in pub,isn’t there a case for attacking people and harming them? In Mumbai,why weren’t the women taken into custody for attacking a person[luckily for Indians,it was a Pakistani,else the government would have been made a joker when the respective country’s embassy would ask for legal action..Ha,Pakistanis don’t deserve respect in our eyes,right?] My point is,every time government doesn’t take action against unwated,illegal protests,the more and more will people will get inspired to moral police.Tell me how many of you will think twice or thrice before jumping into streets,if predecessors before you were punished for disturbing public life? Take efforts to end the lawlessness. As Poonam said,we have enough laws,but none are implemented.


To end my rant,this discussion had been a great one,imparting lot of viewpoints and ideas.As to put our thoughts in action,next time you hear that your religion or culture is in danger,rather than listening to somebody else’s propaganda,read and learn for yourself-THE FACTS.Also,when there is a situation of moral policing,no matter if it is in the name of religion or culture or political or geographical factors,make sure you support the victim.They are afraid to come forward and talk about it [we never heard of the girls who got beaten],due to the resulting social stigma.Stand up for them,for this may happen to you tomorrow and unless you start raising voice,you will not find anybody in your favour,when its our turn..Do remember that…



In course of time,let us make efforts to make a society where artists can put forward their viewpoint,with no fear ,while we the mass have grown up and learned to behave well and react matuerly,if the creation or incident is indeed offensive



Good day to all..I hope I did some justice in concluding the discussion..Sorry for al typos,I have no time to re-read now..Gotta go..

Charakan says:


Solilo says:


“True freedom is a Utopian philosophy. We are never going to achieve that because we are bound by laws.” 


Indyeah says :