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..of Vande Matharam and of dealing with bored guys..

I wonder what made these people/Maulavis come up with such a fatwa on Vande Matharam,now.. I am sick of dealing with Love Jidah,and yes,there comes Vande Matharam Fatwa..I have no idea why people can’t leave us laymen on their own. Your fatwas make no sense to us,except that you are adding fuel to our burning lives. Instead of combing your beautiful beards and rant unnecessary stuff,please come down to us and deal with our problems and instead of again issuing fatwas that  are of remote concern to a hungry man,may he be religious or not,please so something so that our lives have some betterment. Please provide us some food and opportunities for better education and empowerment,and then you are welcome to talk on matters like this.I am sure that the money spent on organizing that seminar would have been spent on much better productive activities.If you can’t do that,please refrain from making such statements as it is like throwing food to hungry animals,who are eager to tear it apart.

 Tell me what sense does this fatwa make to you and me,this day?When you are sure that your statement not only will bring anything good,but also will make situations worse,please keep such religious statments to yourself as we have no worries going to hell just because we sang Vande Matharam. And just in case we ended up in hell becasue of this,I will tell my Lord to excuse you from not providing us valuable fatwas…But I am sure that I alone would suffer then,instead of huge lot of people who have to answer to pointed fingers and have to rant ,like me,to prove how patriotic I am to my motherland. Thank God I love Vande Matharam,otherwise I’ld have had to pick my train to Lahore this evening,for people who don’t sing this song are not allowed to stay in this country.And yes,tell me why don’t you issue a fatwa against science lessons at school,for evolution and other stuff is totally against creationism. Should I stop learning Vedic Maths?

And yes,I am happy that I am going to read on various Sanghi statements these days,as this is a good fodder for those people who were bored after the sad election results. You are bored,so you issed a fatwa,They are equally bored,so they are going to sing songs over this ..I suggest Thakereys to brew on something else rather than book us tickets to Pakistan.If anyday I need a litmus test on my nationalism and patriotism,i’ll come to you.And you fatwa-issuers  aren’t any better than Sanghis as your sole intention is to divide the community and make your grip over us,more tightened.If it were not so,you would have made more involvement is issues that are basic to religion. But let me tell you again,your statement makes no sense to us,for we are proud Indian Muslims whose faith is no weak as a strand of white beard. We know what we believe in,we know what we stand for,we know what we are proud of,we know to which community do we belong to,and finally,we know that people like you are good for nothing except create issues and spoil our daily life peace.




p.s :I remember BJP leaders doing lip-sync of Vande Matharam,when they all sang it together,the last time this fatwa issue made news. So,are they eligible to be transported to Lahore?


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