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Culture and Tradition-all in the hands of homosexuals..

 Ok, gay-rights are again in limelight . The cabinet is on a move to decriminalize gay-sex and has asked for opinions from various sections of people,mainly religious leaders. Now that Deoband has reacted to this call,that homosexuality is prohibited in Islam and has gave their opinion not to revoke the criminal law.Fine,everybody is entitled top ahve their own opinion. But I wish they had reacted a few days later ,after the Church and other religious organizations have made their stand,so that by then people would have bored cursing God and His religious rules. As far as I am informed,no organized religion approves homosexuality. Even Hinduism (which in itself is not a religion but a collection  of rules and traditions) has two opposing views about homosexuality.  That said,I am wondering why people (commentators in forums) talk as if Indian muslims are the only people who are against gay rights in India.. **rolls eyes**..I wonder whether RSS ,the Church,sikhs etc do have a different stand…So please make your stand clear before you spew at Deobands..

I don’t suscribe to the view that homosexuality should be criminalized..If Islam prohibits it,If Bibile prohibits it,if Manusmriti prohibits it,if Sikhism prohibits it,if ..if…if………………… This is India,a secular country..Neither is this a Islamic Republic,nor a Christian Conservative nation,nor a Hindu Rashtra..So,live and let live..I don’t know why are we bothered about what others do in their bedroom.You criminalize it or not,they are going to do it anyway,either for fun or otherwise. So,whatz all this drama all about? I fyou are so bothered about your culture and tradition, raise your voice against other evils in the society that are of greater importance. Are rapists part of your holy-religion and culture? Are pedophiles your representatives? If not,please deal with them first and then talk about gays who form a minority.