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Tag-on various bits of my life…

Its Tag time again..Solilo has tagged me,an interesting one..I haven’t done any tag in any near time,so I tried hard to make this look decent..I am not sure if it is anywhere near being called decent,but I am trying..

Google seems to have not many pictures of my choice..There snaps below are NOT MINE..I have tried to link as amny as possible to the original source,but if not,please forgive and please leave a message if you are offended..I will gladly remove it  🙂

The rules are :

Use Google guru and post a picture in regard to your answer i.e,

  • You will be given a set of questions.
  • Google the image which best suits the answer and post a picture from first page of image search with minimal explanation.
  • Once done,tag 5-6 other blogger friends and let them know.

1.Your age on your next birthday **ahem ahem**


2347879 /89 -6300 /546 -10 = My age (honestly )..And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

[‘Age’ gives this image result,my favorite charated -Sid!! of IceAge]

2. A place you’d like to travel to


Ever since my childhood ,I had been pretty obsessed with the dream of visiting Switzerland..I guess Yash Chopra films have great influence in regard to this wish..

But thatz an impractical dream..In real life, I would love to visit lot of vegetable farms and flower fields.After long long long yearning, we went to a minor version of farm 3 months ago..I hereby express my heartfelt thanks to me better half for taking me there.I will never forget the carrots,beetroots,cauliflower,brinjal,cumumber,cabbage etc etc etc plants,whose sight filled my eyes (of course with happiness of having fulfilled a long cherished dream)..

tomato-pic tulipsm

3. Your Favorite place


Its my home sweet home,where I am the king ..err queen of the whole world

4. Your favorite food/drinkvegetable-biriyaniBiriyani!!! But of course not the vegetable biriyani as in this picture ..I like lot of food,pickles,pizza,snaks,but I will have biriyani anytime any day without getting bored..

5. Your favorite pet


I never liked any animals or birds..But my better half is very fond of them.Here,we have an aquarium and now a parakeet..I have started loving them..

6. Your favorite color combination


I love this red and black combination..There are n number of red shades and I don’t like most of them..But I don’t know how to describe the exact red I am fond of..

7. Your favorite piece of clothing


Sari sari sari..I love saris,especially cotton ones.. I have a dream to work as a CEO wearing Sari 🙂

8. Your all time favorite song

I am a music buff and I have hell lot of songs that can be labeled favorite..Of the many,I am listing a few,each from different languages I know,and are special to me in a special way for many special reasons 😉

9. Your favorite TV show:



I am see stones flying to me..I am sorry to say that I was pretty obsessed with watching Kahani Ghar Ghar ki and Kasuti Zindgi ki for 2-3 years..After my marriage,I never got chance to see them..When I heard that Kahani GGK got over,I went to youtube and watched the final scene..I was wondering hoe Om,who died many years back appeared in the last episode..Did he reincarnate..I had many wild guesses,afterall,anything is possible with Ekta soaps…

More that these soaps,I am crazy about watching news ( I don’t watch IBN as in the image) .I am never bored of watching news and debates..

10. Full name of your significant otherfaizal

This is how his name appears in Chinese 🙂 Sorry,I don’t know Chinese,but google-ing his name gives this image.

11. The town in which you live


I live in that tiny small country in white colour J The Geographic coordinates: 25 30 N, 51 15 E

12. Your screen name/nickname:


I have no idea why do I have 540 in my nickname..I made an email account years abck and it was nimis540,and ever sicne then ,I have been using the same everywhere..Everybody asks me what is the secret behind the name and number-which is again a secret to me..

13. Your first job


While in college,I worked as brand ambassador for an institute that conducted classes and authorized exams of Microsoft,Cisco,SUN etc etc..Simply put,my job was to enroll students for their course..I was made a hero..err heroine by the whole college as work while you study was an alien concept there and for 3 years,I lived in bliss in that fame of first employed..I never worked in a corporate,as soon after my engineering course,I joined for MBA and in between got married and now I am sitting heer has its own twists and turns,but I am happy for the life I have now ..Of well,I earned 13,000 + rupees during the course ,but i have no idea in which ocean did I dilute my money-my hard earned

14. Your Dream Job


I have a dream to complete my course and become a business woman- a CEO of a multinational company.I hope it comes true one day

15: Bad Habit you have


I have a ‘small’ bad habit of eating non stop,but no,I am not as fat as this turkey,just fat enough for my height..

16. Your worst fear:


Letting go,the people,the place,the things I love that loves me

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die


I would love to visit a mustard garden-again a Yash Chopra hang over..

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000


I will buy a house like this and make it a home…

19.Your favourite credo in life. happeniss

I am not a lady of much principles..All I take care is not to hurt anybody in my way..If it is for the lessons I learned in my life,these are the main ones,with plenty of them in the list

  • Letting go is difficult,but you have to when your heart says to-that makes the world of difference
  • Nobody is perfect,so find happiness in an imperfect life

Gosh,doing a tag is more time consuing than writing Palestein-Israel history ..I hope you now have a fair idea of what kind of a person i am..Do share your thoughts..Thanks for the tag Solilo 🙂

Good day

p.s: I haven’t replied to many comments  in latest posts..Please forgive me,i will be replying individually soon.Please don’t think that i take your time and comment for granted,its just that i am not finding time lavish enough to reply in detail..Hope you understand.

Muslims hate Jews??????????


In a display of crass insensitivity as well as an enduring sign that the government continues to pander to the politics of the Muslim-Jew divide, minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed did not mention the Nariman House attack in his statement to the UN Security Council last week. And this from an India which officially maintains that terror has no religion and all victims are equal. But was Ahamed’s omission of the Jewish house in his speech a function of the utterly improbable relationship that India enjoys with Israel or was it a function of the fact that the government didn’t want to “anger” Muslims by sympathising with the Jews. Sources said it could be both.[more..]


What a load of bullshit..Aren’t Jews human beings..And who the hell told the government that all muslims hate Jews uh?It is a fact that s some muslims who hate Jews ,some for a reason,some for no reason at all..The same hold true viceversa..But it is portrayed as if Jews and Muslims are enemies for eternity.And sadly some muslims/jews add  oil to this fire by stereotyping the other group.



Wonder if they really knew what Judaism and Zionism really meant.. In the words of Rabbi Weiss, Associate Rabbi at Neturei Karta International and Lecturer on Zionism, Judaism is a Godliness, Zionism is materialism. Zionists try to clothe their materialism in the cloth of religion, but it is false and criminal.  I am not to comment on Zionism as it is too complicated an issue.Not all Jews are Zionists.Original orthodox Jews are against Zionism.Even in case of hating a Zionist,I think it is never ending vicious cycle.The whole episode of God’s promised land,people who lived there fighting back etc etc etc..Its been six decades..I hope and pray that people learn to live in peace and co-operation,rather than killing 5 Jews and getting 50 Palastenians killed..



Moreover,I have seen some muslims hating Jews (remember,the viceversa too happens) for no reason.I hope the realize their mistake as it is not right for a Muslim  tp dislike others for their religion or race or other factors.To a Muslim, religious belief must come out of a person’s free choice, as God has also commanded not to use any kind of coercion in the matter of religion:



  • Let there be no compulsion in religion, truth stands out clear from error.(Al-Baqarah 2:256)


It is the conviction of a religion’s adherents, not the compulsion they can impose on others, that establishes its moral force on earth. This was a principle evident in the life and practice of the Prophet Muhammed peace be on him) as well as the Constitution of Madinah which he drew up with the multi-religious community of Madinah.This document guaranteed the freedom of worship to all religious communities. This was the spirit of the Qur’an that shines into the hearts of all its perceptive readers: the spirit of tolerance and understanding. Allah says in the Qur’an that He has made people into nations and tribes so that they can know and deal with each other in an equal temper of kindness and generosity:


  • O humankind! We created you from a single pair of a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know and deal with each other in kindness (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God (is he who is) the most righteous of you, and God is Knower, Aware. (Al-Hujurat 49:13)

The above verse emphasizes the point that in Islam there is no place for intolerance, prejudice, or bigotry based on color, race, nationality or any such considerations. This all-encompassing tolerance of Islam applies to all elements of life and all affairs of Muslims.


The Muslim’s acceptance of the Jews and Christians (referred to in the Qur’an as People of the Book) as authentic religious communities is made clear:

  • And dispute not with the People of the Book, except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong and injury. (Al-`Ankabut 29:46).

This verse tells Muslims that they should take all measures to avoid dispute, anger or other negative feelings between themselves and others.


What we see today is something political and religion has nothing to do with it. It is a shame that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has brought what was a centuries-long peaceful coexistence and appreciation of one another’s faiths between Jews and Muslims to an end. Needless to say, not all Muslims make this unfortunate tie-in, though many do.When a Muslim points fingers at a Jewish person just because they are Jewish, that Muslim is being hypocritical. We have issues when others point fingers at us saying “You guys flew planes into WTC and crashed it”.. Stereotyping will do no good in the long run. It wasn’t the entire race of Jews who made Israel, it was a group people who happened to have the Jewish faith.


Whatever,I wish Mr Ahmed hadn’t behaved immature and instead,He should have visited and consoled the relatives of those Jews who passed away in Mumbai terror attacks.That would have made a lot of difference and would have sparked some debates in the positive direction and helped to erase the stereotyping and prejudice among communities..but alaas,nobody is interested in uniting people..Its all the ‘Divide and Rule’ drama..All they want to to keep up the ‘hate’ spirit.Jews or Jains or Buddhists are Muslims,they are just human beings,with the same colour of blood running inside you and me.I apologize to those Jews on my community’s behalf and I pray that your relatives’ souls rest in peace and may you be able to come out of the sorrow as soon as possible..


Good day to all..


A quote


Let me ask you this: If a lot of foreigners moved into your country and then, instead of living peacefully among you, took over the government, forced you out of your homes, cut most of the water going to you, gave you no voice in the government, searched you whenever you entered a house of worship, humiliated you in numerous ways, threatened you with guns and tanks, and so on, wouldn’t you—the original residents—be angry and fight back in any way you could? And if those foreigners who took over happened to be of a different religion than the original residents, would the fighting be because of the religious differences? Possibly, but not necessarily. Remember that in the case of Palestinians, not all of them are Muslims.


An intersting interview with Rabbi Weiss, Associate Rabbi at Neturei Karta International and Lecturer on Zionism