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How do I make his beard catch fire?

This is a waste post and if you are busy,please don’t waste your time reading this..


Yesterday,I watched a report on TV ,regarding muslim women’s condition-especially in northern kerala ,nicknamed as ‘Malabar’…To keep my holy rant short,I heard a ‘powerful Sunni cleric’ AP Kanthapuram Abubaker Musliyar ranting something very ‘interesting’..When asked by the journalist,regarding polygamy in Islam,my retina and ear drums blasted out watching his ignorance and arrogance parade..He says,men can do polygamy because women will be ‘out of service’ during 7-10 or even 15 days during a month and that is a very good reason for men to get another wife so that he needn’t go to a prostitute..What the hell…I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming.Then I looked into calender and made sure that time machine didn’t take me centuries back,in a matter of few minutes..It  was 5/11/08 and  10.15 pm and I am watching this’holy’ man’s rant in a worldwide telecasted news channel…What time has come oh Lord..


I pray his white long beard cathes fire and his turban is freezed to -423423 celsius and he be made to sit on hot plate with 32356 celsius temperature ,until he apologize to all women out  here for having made such an ‘holy’ comment..I wonder how many wives does he have and I wonder what will he do if all his wives get periods on same day..yuck yuck yuck.What is disgusting piece of creation Lord has made..Oh yeah,I am not a great person.But atleast I don’t vomit such crap.I am so angry .I know I am overreacting,but I can’t get over it until or unless I shout at him ths way..

Kerala tops primary education index

Kerala is ranked No. 1 among the 21 major states (large in geographical area) in the latest composite Education Development Index (EDI) prepared for the primary and upper primary levels of schooling for 2006-07.


The report on the EDI was prepared by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) based on the District Information System for Education (DISE), a comprehensive database on elementary education in India, which is had created in recent years.

“The indicators used in computing the EDI included access, infrastructure, teachers and outcome. In the broader sense, we had used 23 indices like number of schools per 1000 child population, average student-classroom ratio, pupil-teacher ratio, gross enrolment ratio and gender parity index,” a source in NUEPA said.


The NUEPA has suggested that all the States including the top ranking states should analyse all the indicators used in EDI computation district-wise, and within a district, block-wise and follow it up by adopting appropriate strategies without which neither their overall ranking nor status of universal elementary education in the state are expected to improve.


Proud Keralite 😉

Onam-the festival of flowers,happiness,and ofcourse great food ;-)

Onam is the national festival of my homeland-Kerala,India.I have always wondered how come Onam is a ‘national’ festival,when it is celebrated us,malayalees alone????hmm..Let all people out there celebrate Onam,which has no strings of religion or caste or colour attached to it..Read more on Onam.


Though Onam is the day on which the good old king of ours,Mahabali,is supposed to visit every home and see for himself if we all are in content and peace.To me,Onam is an occassion of having lot of fun with flowers,having contests on flower carpets-Pookkalam,wearing traditional Kerala Saree,having Sadhya and lot lot more…While in college we have lot of games ..where all of us would cheer for our respective teams..I was the expert to peep into others pookalams while we made our own ,during the are those days..gone for ever..


We would make pookalams in my home almost all ten days,starting from Atham.Me and my mother would make lot of dishes and all of us,all our helpers,my grand mom,everybody would have lunch together on banan leaf..Being an NRI,Onam is nothing but watching lot of movies in channels and drooling while flim stars had their online is boring to prepare all those dishes and eat among two people..


I wish Onam reminds all of us,the good old days during our King Mahabali,and have a look into our own lives in regard to the song we learned since childhood..

When Maveli, our King, ruled the land,

All the people had equality.

And people were joyful and merry;

They were all free from harm.

There was neither anxiety nor sickness,

Death of the children was never even heard of,

There were no lies,

There was neither theft nor deceit,

And no one was false in speech either.

Measures and weights were right;

No one cheated or wronged his neighbor.

When Maveli, our King, ruled the land,

All the people formed one casteless race



Happy Onam to all..God bless..



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