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Hello Mr Bachchan-ji,are you jealous?

It seems that Mr Amithab Bahcan is angry and jealous for having not given any role in Slumdog Millionaire and maybe that’ why ..


Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has slammed Danny Boyle’s Golden Globe award winning underdog drama “Slumdog Millionaire” for showing India in poor light.


Or it may be that He is just another hypocritical Indian cry baby with a false and fake sense of nationalism and patriotism. I am proud of my country. But that doesn’t mean that I am furious when people point fingers at me for FATCS as like below..


As of 2005, 85.7% of the population lives on less than $2.50 (PPP) a day, down from 92.5% in 1981. 41.6% of its population is living below the new international poverty line of $1.25 (PPP) per day. World Bank further estimates that a third of the global poor now reside in India. Poverty rates in rural Orissa (43%) and rural Bihar (41%) are higher than in the world’s poorest countries such as Malawi. India has a higher rate of malnutrition among children under the age of three (46% in year 2007) than any other country in the world. A 2007 report by the state-run National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) found that 25% of Indians, or 236 million people, lived on less than 20 rupees per day with most working in “informal labour sector with no job or social security, living in abject poverty.


According to the World Bank, in 2005 some 456m Indians, or 42% of the population, lived below the poverty line. India has 60m chronically malnourished children, 40% of the world’s total. In 2006 some 2.1m children died in India, more than five times the number in China. Approximately 60 million children are underweight in India. The prevalence of underweight among children in India is amongst the highest in the world, and nearly double that of Sub-Saharan Africa. Underweight prevalence is higher in rural areas (50 percent) than in urban areas (38 percent); higher among girls (48.9 percent) than among boys (45.5 percent); higher among scheduled castes (53.2 percent) and scheduled tribes (56.2 percent) than among other castes (44.1 percent); and, although underweight is pervasive throughout the wealth distribution, the prevalence of underweight reaches as high as 60 percent in the lowest wealth quintile.


The movie is all about lives of three kids,who come from slums in Mumbai,runs away during riots etc etc etc..I am not going to give any spoilers..Its a great movie and make sure you watch it if possible.The movie has some sequences on child trafficking..I was so upset over those scenes where they take out a boy’s eye as to get him more paid( well,he is forced to take a job of a BEGGAR) and later shows how a small girl evolves into a ..err, how she is plunged into sexual exploitation. .Is Mr Bachan telling me that these things happens only in small numbers..uh,read this..


The manifestations of these violations are various, ranging from child labour, child trafficking, to commercial sexual exploitation and many other forms of violence and abuse. With an estimated 12.6 million children engaged in hazardous occupations (2001 Census), for instance, India has the largest number of child labourers under the age of 14 in the world. Existing studies show that..

  • Over 40 per cent of women sex workers enter into prostitution before the age of 18 years.
  • 11 million children on the street, 2 out of 3 are physically abused.
  • 53% faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.65% school going children faced corporal punishment ..
  • Everyday about 200 girls and women in India enter prostitution and 80% of them against their will.
  • 20% of the one lakh prostitutes are children.
  •  25% of the child prostitutes had been abducted and sold.
  • 6% had been raped and sold.
  • 8% had been sold by their fathers after forcing them into incestuous relationships.
  • 2 lakh minor girls between ages 9yrs-20yrs were brought every year from Nepal to India and 20,000 of them are in Bombay brothels.
  • 50% children worked for 7 days a week


I read some dumbos commenting as “No person in India will molest his brother’s girlfriend”..Lol…Maybe he is living in a closed room without hearing news of fathers molesting daughters and presenting them to his friends and much more.India is just another country and we will find plenty of people who sell and buy themselves or forced to do so.


The movie is great because it doesn’t have any typical masala or injected stuff.Its just plain and we live his life as the movie progress.I guess Big B is upset because he didn’t get a chance to play the role of Anil Kapoor, who hosts the millionaire show.Or maybe He is upset for not having atleast a  glimpse of his face during the intials sequences where the boy runs to get Amithab’s autograph (just a left hand is shown as signing).I am not at all good in reviewing movie.. But the picturisation and background score is excellent.The music,especially O saya and Jai ho and oh most importantly,Lathika’s theme is perfect,just perfect..But its not all those technicalities that makes this one a different movie,but the story in itself..It made me think/realize that the difference between me/my baby and that boy is just that I have some money as to make choice of my own..Without that,we all are dogs of the same slum.Any doubt?


 So Mr Bachchan,it is your choice as to make an option to grab this opportunity to put forward some effort or pressurize the government as to make lives of people in slums a little better,or you please stop ranting just for the sake of it and continue to run behind heroines of half your age.




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you can ask me why am I so bloody furious over a person’s opinion and whether there isn’t freedom of speech. Well, it is not ‘just another person’.. It is Amithab,the Big B of India, more influential among common people than the PM or President herself. So if he had tried to make good out of this, it would have been nice..It would be nice otherwise also.. But talking against the concept in the movie is like fooling oneself 1,147,995,904 indians .Now does that count?