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Its awards time again…and some thoughts on hijab/veil

Its award time again and I have been awarded with some great thoughts of appreciation.E-life has blessed me with some great friends and widen horizons of reading and understanding.I am glad and thankful to all for making me a part of your e-life 🙂


Thank you Manjug and Smitha..Indeed,as award is a note of appreciation and the feel of having been remembered is great .Manju has passed me the Shield..Honestly speaking i was flattered by her words..

shield_I am pleased to pass this award on to a blogger friend whom I greatly admire for her honesty, empathy for others, and for her perseverance in researching the historical background of political situations, Nimmy. Please accept this as a token of my friendship.

Smitha has awarded me the Versatile Blogger award..She says

Nimmy – She blogs, she cooks, she gardens – and from the look of it – she’s good at all of it!



Woo hoo,thanks Smitha,I am honoured to be appreciated as an all-rounder 😉

Both Manju and Smitha have awarded me ‘I love your blog’ and ‘Lovely Blogger’ awards..Thanks a lot..I find myself obsessed with adding on awards to my sidebar..Do pass again 😉



I Pass all these four awards to my friends who made my e-life a beautiful one-with all their varient thoughts,informations and feelings 🙂 I thank all my readers for being the integral part of my blog and please do continue to share your thoughts..

I pass this award to IHM, Nita, Shail, Cris, Vimal, Dev, Charakan, Amit, Chirag, Pinku, Solilo, Salil, Reema, Kanagu, Alice, Reshmi, Praddep,1conoclast,@lankrita,Sandeep and Poonam.I am sorry if i missed anybody in my dear-list..Will update when my brain recalls your name 🙂

 Also,I would like to award this the shield to Aam Insaan who is a regular reader and who shares lot of thoughts,but doesn’t have a blog.

Please accept the award as a not of friendship and appreciation..


The other day,we discussed on Hijab/veil.Ziggy has shared some thoughts,which are exactly similar to my view on this subject.I am pasting his comment here so that you all would read.

Everyone MUST have the right to chose how or what the want to wear. Just like women MUST have a choice of wearing a Hijab, Women MUST also have a choice NOT to wear it, and no stigma attached either way.Veil or Naqab in my opinion is going to far, but everyone must be free to decide for themselves.

No where in the Qur’an the word ‘Hijab’ is used for any part of clothing. The word used is ‘Khimar’ meaning cover, and it is used as in to cover your chest. “And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils(Khimar) over their bosoms” No where the word head or hair is used.

The precise word ‘Hijab’ has been used in the Qur’an a few times but never in correlation with clothing, it is used as a barrier. Al-Hijab = Barrier Khimar = Cover

Another verse in the Qur’an says; O’Children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness [TAQWA] is the best. This is from the signs(revelations) of Allah that they may remember. (Al-Araf, 7:26) The above clearly distinguishes the superiority of Righteousness. Taqwa(Consciousness, Righteousness) far supersedes a mere piece of cloth.

No where in Islam it says Hijab is mandatory. Today Hijab is cultural and used as ‘Control’. There is no doubt about it and I say this with 100% certainty and I challenge anyone . . . that in overwhelming majority of cases Hijab is imposed. Take any country; Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Egypt . . . . women are forced, pressured and coerced.

Why is there no focus on Men’s modesty? Why should men not cover themselves, why should men not cover their head, why should men not hide their handsomeness just for their wives? Why should women carry men’s Burdens. No one has the right to impose their views on others!!

Why has all Islam been squeezed into a mere piece of cloth? Why has Islam been completely pinned to a mere piece of cloth. So suddenly you put on a piece of cloth and you become a symbol of Piety? So women who don’t wear Hijab are not Pious, or religious, or good Muslims, or modest!! What does a piece of cloth got to do with modesty or Piety? Hijab is NOT the Pinnacle of Islam or a symbol of Piety.

Is there nothing else in the Qur’an that is even slightly important that Hijab, or nothing in the Qur’an that by far supersedes this absurd fixation on Hijab. So a piece of cloth takes presedence over and is more important than; Salah(Prayers), Zakat(Alms, compulsory in Islam), Fasting, backbiting, jealousy, charity, Sadaqa(a form of Charity), greed, oppression, human rights, treatment of women, anger, envy, family, forgiveness, promises, usury, revenge, stealing, superstition, love, peace, unity, brotherhood . . . . . . . . . . .

Good day to all


p.s:I will take an hour to link to all my friends..I am little busy now and will link soon later.Sorry.

Dear Readers,what do you think of veil/pardha/hijab?

These days,I am not feeling so well..Also,a cooking bug has infected me and i want to cook something new every now and then.So,I am wandering on the internet like a hippe (err,does that comparison make any sense **scratches head**) I am really sorry to all my dear readers who have commented but I am yet to reply..I have learned lot from you all and I am thankful too you for spending time to read my rants 🙂


 Today,I would like you all to speak about ‘What do you think of hijab/Pardha/veil of muslim women?’..This is a plain question and you are free to say what you have it in your mind..The first and last rule here is to be honest  🙂 There is no such thing as ‘Am I right,Am I wrong,What will she think,Am I being prejudiced,Am I judging somebody’ etc etc etc..I ask,because I want to know more and share more..I thought of making this post as a poll or like type,but then again,it would make it difficult for those of you who would like to talk more on this subject..It would be great if you had made a post on this,but even otherwise,it would still be great if you comment here 🙂


 Finally,do make sure to answer one single question ‘ What do you think of those women who don’t wear veil’..Do you think of them as less religious,or rebellious,or stupids??

While you write,have a piece of my healthy Pizza (there isn’t any mozarella cheese and the dough is of wheat flour)  and Cappichino muffins






Good day to all..




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