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God created all of us , then who created God??

My blog friend Indian Pundit has an interesting post A Question to All Religious People

He asks “God created all of us , then who created God??”

Interesting question,which I never thought about till this day..Well,this is my answer..

If I say – for the sake of argument – that someone created Allaah, then you would ask me, Who created the creator of the creator? Then, who created the creator of the creator of the creator?! And so on, ad infinitum. 🙂 What do I do then?

I am not able to compare Allah to His creations. So the question can not be answered as such ,as Allah is completely Exalted and far above mortal description; He is not “like” His creation.

My undertsnading of “Who created Allah is based on the below chapter

Translations of the Qur’an, Surah 112: AL-IKHLAS (SINCERITY)

Total Verses: 4 Revealed At: MAKKA

  • 112.001 Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
  • 112.002 Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
  • 112.003 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
  • 112.004And there is none like unto Him.

Well,to be honest,thatz all I know and I have never thought of such a question till this moment of my life.. 🙂

Please share your thought..You don’t need to be a religious person to answer this question,right?

Thanks for the post IP 🙂

When the disbelievers (those who don’t believe in Allah)come to you and ask you if you believe in God, you would logically reply: “Yes.”

Then they would ask you: “Can your God do anything?”

You would say: “Yes.”

Then they would ask you: “Can your God make something huge?”

You would say: “Of course.”

They would say: “Can your God make something so big that nothing can move it?”

Then you would say: “Yes.”

Then they would say: “You mean that your God could make something so big that nothing could ever move it?”

Again, you say: “Yes.”

Then they say: “So big that even your God can’t move it?”

Now you have a problem. Either you answer: “Yes.”

They will say: “Then that means your God cannot do everything. Because now there is something that your God cannot do. He cannot move the object.”

But if you answer: “No.” They will simply say: “Then this is something that your God cannot do.”

This is a similar problem to the one you have mentioned. This is the idea of a god that is having problems with his own creation. The concept of Allah in Islam is that He is never compared to His creation. He merely says: “Be.” And it is. So, Allah does not operate like a human or anyone or anything within His creation. Within the laws of creation is the rule that nothing moves except that there is a fulcrum, a lever and a force. Allah does not have to use a fulcrum and lever to move anything. One of His attributes is that He is “Al-Qawiyy” (The All Powerful).

So, He is the Power. He does not come under the rules of His creation. He makes the rules. He operates within His own rules; He changes His rules as He pleases, and according to the way He deems fit. That is the understanding of the Muslims. Read more

How do blind people dream?

An interesting question which never came across my mind..Its worth reading..Note different views.


  • The breakdown is as follows:

    There are no visual images in the dreams of those born without any ability to experience visual imagery in waking life.

    Individuals who become blind before the age of five seldom experience visual imagery in their dreams.

    Those who become sightless between the ages of five and seven may or may not retain some visual imagery.

    Most people who lost their vision after age seven continue to experience at least some visual imagery, although its frequency and clarity often fade with time.

  • It is possible for a blind person to know if they can see in a dream, even if blind since birth. It is merely a process of elimination with regard to the five senses.If a person is only blind, then they have four senses: smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These four things they will experience in waking life.If they experience something that is not one of the above, it may be sight.
  •  The same way people with sight ,dream. During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) memories are randomly recalled and put together, and make dreams. So, a blind person’s dreams would be made of randomly recalled memories. This may involve sound and, possibly color. How? Try this: Close your eyes, now take your fingers and press against them. Notice how you can see colors? Well, blind people can expirence that as well. My friend is blind, and autistic, and he often presses on his eyes for that reason. 
  • I’ve heard people born blind dream colors and shapes accompanied with sound and touch. My friend who went blind in her childhood says she dreams like the rest of us and uses the mental pictures of what her friends of family look like to her touch in her dreams. Cool huh, how by touching my face she can make a mental picture of me.
  • Everyone dreams (blind people included) and in general, people’s dream experience is similar to their waking experience. Since they were blind from birth, they do not have a lot of visual stimuli to draw on for their dreams, so they have dreams that are primarily auditory, tactile or even involve taste and smell. People who lose their sight very early (before age five) apparently experience no visual imagery in their dreams. Visual imagery is a variable for those who lose their sight between ages five and seven. People who lose their sight after age seven almost always have some level of visual imagery present in their dreams
  •  People who previously had sight dream of what they saw back then, otherwise, anybody that was born blind dreams in respect to every other sensation: smell, sound, feel, etc. People who previously had sight dream of what they saw back then, otherwise, anybody that was born blind dreams in respect to every other sensation: smell, sound, feel, etc childhood have no visual imagery in their dreams. Instead, they experience a very high percentage of taste, smell, and touch sensations in their dreams.

For further reading,Google is the best choice 🙂