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Dear Readers,what do you think of veil/pardha/hijab?

These days,I am not feeling so well..Also,a cooking bug has infected me and i want to cook something new every now and then.So,I am wandering on the internet like a hippe (err,does that comparison make any sense **scratches head**) I am really sorry to all my dear readers who have commented but I am yet to reply..I have learned lot from you all and I am thankful too you for spending time to read my rants 🙂


 Today,I would like you all to speak about ‘What do you think of hijab/Pardha/veil of muslim women?’..This is a plain question and you are free to say what you have it in your mind..The first and last rule here is to be honest  🙂 There is no such thing as ‘Am I right,Am I wrong,What will she think,Am I being prejudiced,Am I judging somebody’ etc etc etc..I ask,because I want to know more and share more..I thought of making this post as a poll or like type,but then again,it would make it difficult for those of you who would like to talk more on this subject..It would be great if you had made a post on this,but even otherwise,it would still be great if you comment here 🙂


 Finally,do make sure to answer one single question ‘ What do you think of those women who don’t wear veil’..Do you think of them as less religious,or rebellious,or stupids??

While you write,have a piece of my healthy Pizza (there isn’t any mozarella cheese and the dough is of wheat flour)  and Cappichino muffins






Good day to all..




Those who copy my pictures will burn in hell 😉

Its a Pizza-a stove-top Pizza!!

In my opinion, pizza is an over-hyped dish. Of course it’s very very tasty..mmm..The smell of hot oven pizza from Pizza Hut makes me drool even at midnight. Whenever we get a take-away pizza from Pizza Hut, I keep telling my husband,” Drive fast, Drive fast”;-)


I don’t have an oven. Still I bake lot of cakes and puddings, in my own way possible. I tried to get resources on stove-top pizza, but internet has hardly any:-(


The basic idea for this pizza base is taken for Lakshmi Nair(Magic Oven) and the toppings are derived from own experience in gulping store brought pizza and of course reading lot of pizza recipes. Quick yet extra tasty home made pizza, with no harmful ingredients. Try this for sure!


For the base, we’ld need

 All purpose flour/Maida-1 cup

Milk/Water-1 cup



Baking Powder-1 tspn

Butter-2 tbspn

Salt-to taste

Mix all ingredients and prepare a smooth batter.


Topping 😦 amount of ingredients: Use as much as you like it!)

 Cook cleaned chicken, adding tomato sauce, chilly sauce, Soya sauce, pepper powder, little capsicum (cut into very fine pieces) and salt. When cooked, remove bones and cut chicken into thin pieces.

Heat some oil (olive oil preferred) and sauté onion, Capsicum (cut into thin lengthy pieces).Sauté them until half-cooked. Add cooked chicken and remove from heat.


Heat a frying pan and smear some oil on it. Add some flour batter. Just pour using a ladle, don’t spread it forcefully.Immedietly, add the topping and add some shredded mozzarella cheese. Cover and cook on low flame (for about 10+ minutes) or until cheese is melted and the bottom portion of dough turns brown. You may flip the pizza and cook again, but from my experience, it’s a bad choice as cheese tends to stick to pan. Maybe something wrong with my pan.Try turning pizza upside and cook until cheese turns brown. Tastes good either way! Serve hot!!







“Pizza Dosa” or “Dosa Pizza”??

Hmm..I dn’t know how do we name this.Just a modification of Oothappam,a touch of Pizza and a there you have a dosa with a great look(and obviously tasty too).I had some leftover capsium and ripe tomatoes.Since Masala Dosa is a regular weekly dish prepared,and since oothappam is a “hate-dish” for my husband,I thought of adding capsicum to vegetables,which will make the local dish,international;-)


We’ll need,

Basic dosa batter




Green chilly-2

Chilly powder(kashmiri powder preffered)-1/4 tspn

Lemon juice-1/2 tspn

Salt -1/4 tspn


Slice all vegetables into very thin and lengthy pieces.Place all ingredients(except batter) in a pan and saute for few minutes under medium-high flame.You need not add oil .Just keep stirring.When vegetables are half-cooked,remove from fire.


Now,heat the dosa pan.When hot,grease the pan with a tissue paper,dipped in oil.This will help dosa and vegetables from not sticking to the pan.Now keeping the flame on medium heat,pour a ladle of dosa batter,spread into a thickness of medium size.Dn’t make the dosa too thin as for ghee roast,bcoz when vegetables are added,it may break.Now,quickly spread some vegetable mixture on to the dosa,Add some drops of ghee.When the lower surface of dosa is crisp, flip it and cook for 2 more minutes.


Now,instead of removing the dosa using a spatula,just remove the pan from fire and flip dosa on to the plate directly.This will ensure that you have an intact pizza dosa:-)




Serve hot with Coconut chutney and Sambar!!




  • You can add nay vegetables of you,cabbage&carrot.
  • You can give a total pizza flavour by adding some cheese,instead of ghee.I used ghee bcoz the smell of ghee coming from hot dosa makes me drool.


Update:I just found that there is a “pizza dosa” recipe already available 😦