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What have you done so far,as to wipe out the menace of terrorism?

Nobody wants to speak about terrorism until and unless a blast occurs. Once there happens such a sad incident, we all get back to attacking mode. We slam the government, we slam the religion, and we slam each other until we are bored. Again we find bliss in escapism until the cycle repeats. Maybe it’s high time that we recognize that killing those individuals will not help us for getting rid of the menace. If it had been so, there should have been peace established long before..


To me, the process of banning organizations or detain individuals makes no much difference as in concern the bigger frame. Rather than just applying corticosteroids that deludes us to feel that wound has been healed, maybe we should look and act beyond the peripheral and go deep into the psyche of the people who join these terror groups. The scenario may seem simple, but to my understanding, there are complex links between the causes of terrorism and the role various actors play in promoting and combating them. Rather than just a group of people committing a crime, recent incidents tells us more of involvement from various strata ,may it be from the bureaucratic level or by those major players of our civil society and above all, the criminal elements.


I may not be wrong when I try to list down the reasons for the support of the killer ideology as related to exclusion, injustice, alienation,helplessness,despair,ignorance and prejudice. Terrorist leaders feed on there factors and exploit them whenever they find a sympathetic audience and thus gather support for their outfits. In today’s global village, injustice in one corner can easily be used to raise support in another part of the world. That maybe the reason why we see lot of people raising their voice against the plight of Gaza-ians and Darfur-ians,even when Kashmiri Pundits of their own land are under the same plight. It may not be that they don’t care about Pundits,but lines of correlation are drawn between one’s despair and people of Gaza or Iraq.They feed on what is being fed. To a hungry cow, it doesn’t matter whether Ram or Muhammed or Jacob is feeding him. If his needs are met, he will be ready to join that side which suits him more.


If gunning down these people had helped, we would have been in a state of bliss by now.If it was that easy or simple ,wonder why we are still struggling to deal with them? Unless you kill the idea that gives birth to such elements, the problem will continue to bother you time and time again. What have we(read Government) done in the regard? As of now all that done has alienated people from the main stream resulting in further aggression or feel of discrimination. Am I wrong?


To my understanding, the only solution for this menace is to support community-driven development and thereby build the capacity of communities to resist extreme religious and political ideologies-may it be jihadist or the hindutva stuff. Why not encourage interfaith dialogues between religious and community leaders so that there is more of transparency and tolerance. On a more important note it may do wonders of our media is regulated. I needn’t rant as to what is and how is our media delivering as of today. Above all, we should give greater attention to job opportunities and education for youth as to prevent the emergence of fragile segments of population. If people have their own business to mind and are rightly informed-may it be religious or political ideologies- and with the addition of a closely knit community relations, I wonder who on earth will bother to mind others business. Finally, rather than keeping eyes closed and be in bliss, we need to analyze how the concept of ‘Global Village’ affected our nation and look into facts and understand the trend of how the various strata of our society in general are functioning. I doubt if we can say that India is really shining..


Good day to all..Do share your thoughts..

p.s:My headline for the psot seems weird, can’t think of anything better ..

What went wrong with Pakistan as a nation?


If it was so called violent islamic ideology,that was to be blamed,well I guess more conservative countries like Saudi and like had to be blamed..Why is it that Pakistan has become the epicenter of terrorism?


This question was asked to a few friends of mine,of different nationalities.Read their responses and finally,do share your thoughts..



Corruption is the only answer.Corruption results in all of those things.If only there was no corruption then Pakistan would be economically stable.Just like in Zimbabwe,it used to be one of the best countries in the 3rd world countries but because of corruption now the countrie’s economy is at stake



Honestly, its Pakistan’s bad luck that they share a border with Afganistan. All the militants and terrorists flew in to the country during the war. It spreaded extremism like an epidemic.


The people went wrong & that is why Allah appointed such rotten rulers on us. We all say we are Muslims but where can you see the real Islam????????????? It just sucks every where, all over. We use Islam as a shield to hide our nasty deeds.



Many things went wrong!


  1. weak institutions! exepct army there is not a single institution which is strong and not currupt!
  2. selfish politicians! 90% politicians are selfish and abuse the power.
  3. less emphasis on education. since independance not much was spend on education, that left majority of population illetrate which as a result is easy to manuplate by mullahs and politicians
  4. role of other countries! countries like saudia and USA called themselves as allies and friends of pakistan, however they always used pakistan for there own agendas and that created the mess!
  5. the decade of 80’s! in that decade USA helped create taliban and stuff to fight soviets- this brought the hardcore islamic ideology in homes of pakistan
  6. increased spending on defence as a result less spending on development! this is something not fault of pakistan as a nation-we were forced to do so because of threat from india! and sadly still have to spend more on defence for our survival!
  7. afghans in pakistan! we allowed them to come and live in our country after soviet invasion-they brought drugs and guns along with them which literaly destroyed the social fibre of pakistani society!
  8. incread emphasis on pan-islamism, rather than nationalism.this created a confused society!
  9. ethnic problems! since independance no hard step was taken to build the sense of a nation and provide with a social glue-as a result most people identify themselves on ethnic terms 😦
  10. and partly all the pakistanis! we are too selfish to think for our country!



However- despite all the problems in the world we have stood for 60 years and inshAllah we would rise again. our nation is more strong than perhaps any other nation of world! like every one looted us, used us, kicked us, took advantage of us, but still here we are 🙂 facing all the challenges!



Corruption!!!! CORRUPTION!!!!! it bugs me but what I have seen in Bangladesh and Pakistan the problems are far different from that of Sausi Arabia. In Pakistan almost all trouble, yes absolutely almost ALL, are rooted in Politics not “radicalism” as in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan is not stable yet, and its politicians are making full use of the instability to grab the chance to ….well… grow corrupt… They are stewing up conspiracies, from secret deals with the USA to agreements with the Taliban, and they do them just to get a little edge on the politics. Everyone from Radicals to Secularists are taken full advantage of, and thats what is causing even more even instability leading to a vicious circle


I love Pakistani people and their culture. They are my all time favourite Criket team. I learnt Urdu just because I had so many friends who are Pakistani. Believe me when I say I care deeply for the good people of Pakistan and their welfare.


As a whole But I am sickened by some people there. Of course there are radicals as there are in all other countries in the world. But they are being used, as are the Pro-Westerners……..


No I dont agree with Pakistani Fundamentalists, there are conservative parts of Pakistan where people love to be conservative, I say let them be and not force them to be secularized. There are also Secularized parts of Pakistan who are not responding positively to the increasing pressure to conflict with the western culture. I say let them find their own path through it instead of have their emotions played into politics that are dividing the country so much



Our Corrupt Leaders. Every President or Prime Minister since Liaqat Ali Khan is somehow corrupt in one or another way. And so are our civil servants, bureaucrats and judiciary.

Our Army leaders are blamed for undemocratic policy of theirs but i think they had to come to stop the country to fall. They however stopped it from falling but soaked it all.



I believe the biggest sin of ours is that we haven’t been able to do what we promised to Allah when this great Nation was built as a result of sacrifices of Millions. We got distorted, we did not care fore our religion and our country.

Unfortunately many among us are still ignorant of the facts. They still do not accept Pakistan as a nation and they do not strive as they must to Protect this Nation.



BUT, now we can find patriots more than before. Our people have realized the causes behind the unfortunate events which this nation has passed through. And Insha’ Allah in a short passage of time we will rise again with the might of Salah-Al din, Tariq and Bin Qasim.


REmember that if a Nation so poor can be a Nuclear Nation, if it can still survive after passing through so hardships, if it has an Army of 0.7 million Brave soldiers and most of All if it had been for the sovereignty of God and God alone, IT Can never be perished. It can be broken but ultimately it will rise!



Bin Laden is dead and the FBI does not believe he did 9/11. So anytime they start talking about him you can assume it’s a lie.


There is actually no credible evidence that Pakistan was involved in the Mumbai hotel fiasco. The primary suspects were Hindu fascists.


The Pakistanis are going through suffering because they reject Israel.

And in truth, they are right. So, they should fight this and win. I mean, they’ve got the nukes don’t they?


Best thing they can do is just keep doing what they are doing



“Terrorism” or “Terrorist” are flimsy and baseless terminology. They cannot be clearly defined NOR do they exist.


If a crime happens in Pakistan or by a Pakistani it is called terrorism. If the same happens in India or by Indians or in America or Americans it is given a different name i.e. burglary, homicide, pschotic etc. etc.


The world did NOT know the “TERMINOLOGY” of “Terrorism” or “Terrorist” before 1988. It was INVENTED by Americans AFTER 1988. By 1986 it was clear to USA that USSR was collapsing. The American economy needs a war every 10 years. So they need an enemy. An enemy that is EVIL. Do you watch the movies. There are good guys and the bad guys. And the there is HARDLY any movie that can be made WITHOUT the role of “Bad Guys”.


So the USA first came up with the terminology of “Fundamentalists”. This was discarded in a matter of 2 years. By the end of 1988 and begining of 1989 the world was introduced to the terminology of “Terrorist and Terrorism”.


The thing is that how would define it. India calls all the Kashmiri activists as “Terrorists”. While they are heroes for the Kashmiris. So what is a terrorist for one group, is a hero for the other. This obviously means that the definition is NOT absolute but RELATIVE. Change the reference and there is a DRASTIC change in status.


The small terrorists and their deeds are NOTHING !!!!!!!!!! compared to the ORGANIZED crimes of the bigger powers these days. A suicide bomber :


1- might himself be a victim of a family that got perished in a bombing raid of US.


2- Or he may be a very poor guy who has no hope in life. He is given some religous motivation and assurance of ample monetary funds to his starving family in return for a holy deed.


3- OR he may be an ANTI nationalist who is financed by the cross border agents for an ample sum of money.


4- There can be a NUMBER of possibilities.


But how much damage can he do. He may kill some tens of people AT the most.


Compare this to :


1- The mass murder of 20,000 Bosnian Muslims. And the world just kept silent for a LONG LONG LONG time. All that was done was just a few (5 or 6) people captured and tried in Hague. Is there a comparison of +20,000 with 5 or 6.


2- How the world reacted in a very SIMILAR situation in East Timur. The ONLY factor that was not common was the sides of the table were different this time.


Is it NOT a SHAMEFUL and disgraceful display of “MULTIPLE standards”.


Take the case of Kashmir and Kuwait and Palestine. Don’t u feel the CLEAR MULTIPLE standards.




Being an observing Pakistani citizen, I can tell you:


1- DEMOCRACY is the BIGGEST enemy of Pakistan.


Remove Democracy and see how Pakistan rises. It is NO LESS than a giant. Democracy is LETHAL to Pakistan. It is OBVIOUSLY a STUPID system. Where the vote of a scholar is equal to the vote of an illiterate punk and sweeper.


The Pakistani NATION as a whole is illiterate and stupid. Whatever progress and capability you see in Pakistan is the work of less than 2% of its nation who are educated and well armed with knowledge. Until recently they have been loving their country and have been loyal. ONLY because this is a homeland and home ground that is a strong hold for Muslims. But now with democracy coming back, the hopes are fading out fast. The brain drain is fast in Pakistan now.


If we get the military rule back NOW, you will see a different country.


Thatz it,a wide range of thoughts.Now its your turn to share your thoughts ..Good day to all.

Feminism Tag..but Am I a feminist?

Cris has passed me the Feminism tag..No particular rules,just to write on my views on the topic..Well,this is a complicated topic and I hope my rant will do some justice on its own..Do share your views..



Feminism had always been a hot ‘n’ hate word.. I have seen people around me mock at some women “Ah, she is a feminist ”..So basically, I was seasoned to think that being a feminist is a bad choice and that being a feminist means to hate men. Lately, after having granted the badge of being an ‘adult’, I notice that whenever I make some affirmative statements about controversial subjects on women, people say “Oh,so you are a feminist! ” So now ,I have learned that being a feminist means to care for women, and I have come out of my delusion that being a feminist is not a bad choice, but that, it is a responsibility of every single women..



Feminism in itself is a broad topic, which includes various movements, theories and philosophies.. My small brain can’t process lot of theories at the present moment, so I’ll restrict myself to the small world I see around me..


To me, life is not about equality, but about Justice and Fairness.. I don’t think and I don’t want to become like a man..By wearing a jeans or by cutting my hair short, won’t make me ‘equal’.. What I want is justice and fairness in opportunities. I find it odd sometimes that we women want equality of pay,but still we want 3 years maternity leave..I am still to find a woman who can move the same number of bricks as a man in a definite period of time.. Men and women are different from each other and instead of outdoing each other, I think we should compliment each other..




Let me see what are those things that I care for and will it make me a feminist..



It is a strange fact that in India, we worship women as Goddess, but at the same time, treat them as slaves, with mere property value..The moment a baby is conceived in the womb, it is tagged a value. A baby boy  is tagged more worthy that  a baby girl. So,we have enough and more reasons to kill it inside the womb itself so that the baby doesn’t suffer once she arrives in this world..How easy solution!! More than men,I feel women are their own enemies..It is the mother, the mother in law and gang who hates to have a girl as their grand child. .Everybody wants a boy..Oh well, I have already ranted about it and the evil feminist in me prays that all those people would cry loud in their life once when their holy son don’t get a bride to marry,as to preserve their holy tradition.. I still haven’t got any logical solutions as how to dumb off the excess 3.5 crore surplus men in India..



If talking against this female infanticide is feminism, yes I am a feminist..




What sense does it make of me to rant on female infanticide,when the basic system of marriage itself is a messed up one..We are so obsessed with the idea of marrying a whole family, instead of marrying a guy we love..Urban societies count only to a small percentage ,and among the majority ,love marriage is still a taboo and shame..There is nothing wrong in arranged marriages, provided both parties, hell not the both families, but the guy and gal, are happy about it. .But what is the absolute percentage difference between forced and arranged marriages.. Few days back,my cousin brother put off his engagement.. Marriage proposal from a known girl’s family had been forwarded through relatives and he was pressurized by his family to agree upon the relationship.. True, nobody forced him verbally ,but the mental pressure was there..They got engaged and since then, he was all gloomy.Finally, last day he told his parents that he wants to give up the relationship as he can’t find any wavelength similarities between him and the girl..The girl was aboslutley a good one..Just that characters don’t macth,for him being an introvert and her,a social one..At the end of the day, though it was mess and shame to beak an engagement,I find it good as it would have been a disaster if they got married.. Breaking an engagement is more better than a divorce.. But remember that, in this case,the rejecting party was the boy..I wonder how much the same is feasible from a girl’s side.. Few days later ,everybody is glad that the boy made his choice..But if it was a girl,I am sure she was to be labeled a outcast,anti-cultural bla bla bla girl..Do you have a doubt? Why is it that girl’s choice/opinion is less worthy than a man’s freedom of choice?



If talking against this oppression of freedom of choice for girls alone is feminism,yes I am a feminist..


Not to speak of those girls who are seen as doomed ones and a shame for parents ,simply because they haven’t got married before 25 years ..No matter how much one sugarifies it,a married off girl is seen as a burden moving away..Some parents coat sugar on it saying burden of ‘responsibility’.. uh..I wonder why can’t people expect women to remain unmarried, if they choose to. Agreed that a woman is made to be  a mother, but what is an individual doesn’t like it.. Why is it that simply for the sake of society ,one is made to let go her freedom of choice.A divorcee is labeled a woman who is not good enough to ‘adjust’ and move on with life.. An unmarried women is stereotyped as a women with love-faliure or with uterus disorders..Gosh..Many among us need to get a life seriously..



If talking against this stereotyping of unmarried or divorced women is feminism,yes I am a feminist..




Having agreed upon marriage , may it be arranged, or love or forced, then comes the next tag, DOWRY..It is the mother in laws who are mostly greedy about dowry..I wonder why are they so obsessed about it..I have not seen any MIL using dowry for her sake,but still she wants lot of dowry for her son..Maybe , she wants to feel proud and gossip among family circle, for having paid so much for her valuable holy son..I have heard MIL’s saying “We don’t want money..But what will we say when relatives ask on how much money and gold daughter in law brought home..So if you don’t want your daughter to feel belittled, give as much as possible during marriage itself.”..Hell,don’t tell me this happened in stone ages, no it happened a month ago..I wonder why men are still not ashamed to take money from a stranger girl’s father’s pocket as to build a life for their own..I feel bad and odd for those parents who feel that without dowry,their daughter is a piece of crap. I have heard men saying “There is no problem in taking dowry, afterall,we look after your daughter for a lifeitime”.. Uh,is that a privilege???? Women cook,do laundry,do housekeeping, give you physical pleasure, give you babies, take care of your babies and your parents ,does everything without grumbling ,but with happiness and you are pricing her for all these works? If you ,(not all but some men) are so bothered about the money you spent on your wife, just take it as a salary for all the work she does..I wonder why life is all about money to some people..I need my husband,he needs me..We compliment each other..It is when we take each other for granted,that we find the other ,a burden..So,my humble request to those men who say that wife is a burden,please don’t get married..Nobody is forcing you..Indian women have enough men to choose from..Please don’t marry them for the sake of dowry and burn them later..Let them  live a life..



If talking against this burden-isation of girls is feminism, yes I am a feminist..



I was reading about literacy rates among women .According to 2001 census,female literacy rate in India is 54.16%..Much lower than male literacy rate.Many reasons are accounted for the low rate of education among females..


  • Gender based inequality.
  • Social discrimination and economic exploitation.
  • Occupation of girl child in domestic chores.
  • Low enrolment of girls in schools.
  • Low retention rate and high dropout rate



If talking against this discrimination to these girls alone is feminism,yes I am a feminist..



Even if a girl is educated and is employed,in practical sense, I have seen very less financial freedom,if that is what is indented by empowerment through employment. I have personally seen women give the whole of their salary to husband and in rare cases,mother in law..I have no clue why they do so..i don’t mean that women needn’t spent on family.Of course they should share,and here again earning members compliment each other..But in case where husband thinks that wife’s money is his right and can be spent in whatever way he wishes to,I think that unfair and injustice to the woman involves..Not to talk of those men who think that even if the  wife is working,it is her sole duty to manage house and kids and that entering the kitchen is a shame or attack on manhood..



If talking against this restriction in financial freedom is feminism,yes I am a feminist..




In the arena of politics,I understand that except in Parliament, women have 3% reservation in seats..But what is the rate of women who exercise this right EFFICENTLY and EFFECTIVELY? I have seen many Panchayat members, females acting as dummies for their huband. He is puling strings and she is just acting like a puppet. So, what is the whole intention of political empowerment all about?



If talking against this mockery of political freedom is feminism,yes I am a feminist..




Religiously and spiritually speaking, I wonder why God is more obsessed with men, though it is women who prays more and does rituals for His sake. Women can’t enter some temples and many mosques.. They can’t perform rituals..Arabs and other muslims don’t believe me when I say that women are not allowed to pray in mosques in majority places in India..They never heard of such a thing..Its just some holy men here who want to keep women out of as much places as possible..Let people decide themselves whether they want to enter the temple or masjid..Why do we want to act moral policie even within the premises of God’s house..



If talking against this moral policing of religious freedom is feminism,yes I am a feminist..



Gosh,this is such a long post..I hope atleast a few people will read it in complete.. What we need is freedom from ourselves and the first step is to be financially independent and then from cultural restrictions..Culture in itself is beautiful,it makes life worthwhile and personalized ..But some stone age aspects as like ‘womanhood is in housekeeping and child bearing” and that ‘working woman is not a complete women as she pays less attention to family and house’ ,’boy is more holier than girl’ etc etc etc are simply stereotypes and its high time we get rid of all those things..




These are my thoughts on feminism..With this post,I will be taking a break from the world of blogging..Life is taking a turn and we are not very sure of which road we are heading upon..I hope everything ends up well soon and do include me in your prayers..I thank all of you for your kind and generous support and encouragement..I have learned lot and I have met some great people through my e-life..I don’t know how have you perceived my thoughts,but I never meant to be communal or biased..My apologies for all those hurtful words I said.I wish you all happiness and success in life..Good day..Peace.

Why does Government push Hajj subsidy down the throats of Indian muslims?


Its time for Hajj and Hajj subsidy is again in news .All these years,I have been deluded to think that Hajj Subsidy is a great privilege or discount from the government..Further reading into this a few days ago,made me really shocked to know that this is merely a political gimmick and that the real drama behind this ‘subsidy’ is all about vote-bank and about securing money to AirIndia..


Before we go further into the drama-script, a few reminders..


Muslims want Haj subsidies scrapped

 The clamour among Indian Muslims to abolish the Hajj subsidy is getting stronger. Several Muslim organisations are now pleading that India adopt the Malaysian model of Tabung Haji because the subsidy has “harmed” the community more than it has benefited them. Imam Ahmed Bukhari of Delhi’s Jama Masjid submitted a memorandum to the PM, demanding the Haj Act be amended to end Air India’s monopoly. To scrap the subsidy, they have cited the Quran, which says Haj is compulsory for only those who can afford it. 

‘Haj subsidy unIslamic, use that money on our education, health’

 Several Muslim intellectuals, religious scholars and leaders are suggesting that the Government scrap the Haj subsidy and spend the money instead on schools, healthcare and other basic infrastructure for the welfare of the community. Some even describe the subsidy as “vote-bank politics” and say it’s unIslamic to undertake any obligation during Haj. S Q R Ilyas, convenor of the Babri Masjid Committee and a senior member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), call the Hajj subsidy “a sop to gain political mileage. “There is no doubt that it is unIslamic and one should not be under any obligation while undertaking Haj. But we want travel to be made an open competition. We should be allowed to place bulk orders with the airline which quotes the lowest price for a ticket. As of now, we are bound by the Government to travel by Air India.” Mufti Nazeer-ud-Din, who runs Kashmir’s biggest seminary, echoes “We should be allowed have a separate institution to regulate Haj with very little influence from the Government. The Centre should channelise the subsidy amount for the welfare of Muslims.”  He also demanded global tenders for Haj flights “to make the pilgrimage cheaper” rather than being “monopolised by Air India.”…



Party Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi had, in fact, slammed the subsidies as the “biggest fraud on the country” and said it was being done to make up for the huge losses incurred by the Air India. Observers recall how the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal and the then Saudi Ambassador to India A. Rahman N. Alohaly had told an Indian delegation led by the then External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh that any state subsidy for Haj pilgrimage is wrong.“Our ulemas will help you in explaining to your people that the subsidy goes against the spirit of the Shariat,” Al-Faisal himself had stated.”



Haj subsidy was introduced in the 70’s to provide a temporary cushion against a sudden increase in airfares following the fuel price hike.Earlier,pilgrims went by ship and later,sea travel was stopped and consequently,government subsidized the huge difference in expense between travel by sea and air.Later on,subsidies were increased as to compensate hike in accommodation and flight ticket charges..And now it has harmed the Indian muslim community more badly than the intended goodness.



Refer to one instance when The Haj Committee of Uttar Pradesh has decided to change its loyalties from Air India to Saudi Airlines for sending pilgrims to Jeddah, due to the step-motherly treatment meted out to the Hajis. With nearly 30,000 pilgrims undertaking Haj pilgrimage every year from the state, the decision is likely to cause a revenue loss of around Rs 50 crore to Air India. In short,it is making, huge profits by one way and returning part of the profit in a more attractively palatable way to Muslims maintain the vote bank. More than one lac Muslims in the country go for Haj pilgrimage every year and most of them are poor, who keep aside their savings of whole life only for Haj.  Air India charges arbitrary fares from the Hajj pilgrims.  Today, we get more than 50 percent rebate in Airfares on domestic and international air-routes, when we book a air ticket in advance by three months.  But Air India is charging more fare from the Haj pilgrims even when they deposite the air fare in advance by one year with the Haj Committee. Let there be open international tenders for air lines to carry Haj Pilgrims in which case we can totally remove the subsidy, at the same time abolish all subsidies to every community in India under the banner of true secularism. If an independent audit is done they will perhaps discover that the govt airlines were making loss on all international sectors except the Gulf. This is very unfortunate considering that most of the people working in Gulf are quite poor even after their immigrant salaries.



Away from religious interpretations, secular principles and political analysis, there is also a financial aspect which makes the Hajj subsidies a butt of ridicule. Notwithstanding the subsidy, an intending Indian pilgrim still has to put together at least Rs 65,000-Rs 70,000 for Hajj. By what logic can anyone argue that a person who can afford Rs 60,000-Rs 70,000 is incapable of raising few more thousands, which constitute the subsidy?



What’s more, today, there are hundreds of tour operators who offer an all-inclusive Hajj tour package for the same amount without any subsidies whatsoever, and also earn a profit. Hajj Subsidy was given to those traveling through Hajj Committee. Every year Haj Committee sends around 60 to 70 thousand Indians to Hajj. Hajj Committee (by law) is forced to purchase these 60 to 70 thousand air tickets from Air India only.The Hajj subsidy was on these air ticket prices and hence was nothing but a discount on bulk air ticket purchases. But for political reasons it was given a name as a Subsidy and hence was meant to look like a favor on Indian Muslims.



The Hajj committee too needs to be reengineered.. We have lot of cozy fellows eating out poor man’s and government’s money.Maybe a transparent system of selection the committee members could be established..Recall a case against Hajj committee for fraud According to M Yunus, general secretary of the Tanzeem, “A return ticket to Jeddah costs Rs 21,000. But the Civil Aviation ministry, which booked the hajis on Air India charged them Rs 32,606. Of this, Rs 20,606 came from the Haj subsidy, the government provides. The ministry thus made a neat Rs 33 crore on 70,236 tickets it issued last year.’’. According to Rana Siddiqui, the petitioner’s lawyer, the Haj Committee also made Rs 28 crore on the foreign exchange it gives pilgrims.




Lastly,I feel odd when I hear people ranting “Muslims doing pilgrimage at Hindu’s money”..I didn’t know that muslims in India don’t pay tax…Also,I wonder why BJP didn’t bother to stop this ‘appeasement’ when they were in power..Bottom line is,every political party is keen on keeping the matter alive so that this ‘subsidy’ remains a never ending bash..I request all of you to see for yourself what is the intention behind all this..




I request all fellow indian muslims to grab this opportunity to bring an end to this drama..



Read an article from timeofindia..


Unless one is particularly predisposed against Muslims, any discussion on Haj subsidy should be done after considering whether the State has adhered to this secular credo.


Pursuing the philosophy of sarva dharma sambhav, the government has been investing resources on supporting the religious practices of all communities. For example, everytime Kumbh Mela is held, the State builds infrastructure for the pilgrims.


It organises Amarnath and Mansarovar yatras. And doles out compensation for pilgrims who lose their life during pilgrimage. The railways run Tirth Yatra specials to take pilgrims to different dhams. During Chhat Puja, munic-ipal authorities in Bihar clean up water bodies for people to take a dip.


Trains run from different parts to take kawariyas for a holy dip at Devgarh. Every year, the government creates facilities for Ramlila. The district magistrate — a representative of the secular State — fires the arrow to set Ravana’s effigy ablaze.


All this is done at a great cost to the exchequer. Except for the Sikhs, and to some extent Jains, whose own religious bodies spend on the processions they take out to commemorate anniversaries of gurus, all other communities depend on the government to support their pilgrimages and festivities.


Curiously no objection is raised against them. No one questions when the government doles out huge amounts for the creation of infrastructure for Kumbh Melas. Nor is any hullabaloo raised when it announces compensation for dead pilgrims.


In comparison, a lot of noise is raised against the Haj subsidy, which is actually a subsidy to Air India rather than to the Muslim pilgrims per se. It seems as if in this country Muslims have no claim over State resources.


After all, they are equal citizens of India. Indeed, some people do see Muslims as lesser citizens, so they want the Haj subsidy to go. Such squint-eyed vision has no place in a secular state.


As long as the State continues to act on the premise that it is its business to be involved in the religious affairs of its citizens, withdrawal of the subsidy would seriously compromise its secular credentials.


Until the government withdraws completely from religious realm and leaves the communities to foot the bill for their own activities, Muslims are as much entitled to favoured treatment as others.



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Haj Subsidy, Anyone?

Some thoughts on comments on ‘Hindu terrorism”

Hi friends..Sorry for not replying to any comments..I am little ill and hence find it difficult to sit for long..Though I badly feel like writing a new post on latest news,I am not able to do,as lot of reading is not yet done from my part..A quick run ..


According to reports, the state police had initially detained five people. After a preliminary probe, two were let off. What came as a shock to investigating officials was that of the three detained, one was a woman, Pragya Singh, aged between 25 and 30 years. Singh is believed to be a former member of the Durga Vahini, the women’s wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.



After the arrest of a once-fiesty sadhvi with links to saffron groups, the Malegaon bomb blast case has taken another serious turn with the possible involvement of ex-Armymen,one a retired major.


Post on my views pushed to a later day..Meanwhile please give me little time of yours and notice the flow of thoughts among people,may it be a minority or majority..In fact,I am having a good laugh reading comments section in TOI ..Sharing a few of the laudable ones . 


I seriously doubt if a sadhvi was really involved and all this could be fabricated by UPA. Hindus normally do not indulge in such violence. -**cough cough**  🙂 -Nimmy


Thiis all the conspiracy which has been created by congrees and their allaince just to divert the issue from development they are making this kind of unwanted things, if their is hindu terrorist group, why are they bring now in front of the people when the elections are in front, i think UPA is trying to creat sympathy. But they dont know that people are taking them serious this time, their is no hindu terrorist groups,it is just to divert the attention for the people..-hmm..wonder what this person had to say a  few days ago -Nimmy


Ridiculous .. Its just the political vendetta of the Congress Govt .It just shows how mean and cheap this Govt can go to satisfy its allies like amar singh and lalu Prasad-hmm..maybe you need to look every incident through these lenses..Neither Congress,not Lallu+team,not BJP is your robinhood..They they crave for is power..Their wiseh breed on our agonies..If India becomes a peaceful and harmonious nation,how will these people play drama.. -Nimmy


This is a conspiracy against the Hindu organizations. This is thxe last thing we could have expected from UPA govt. Jai Bharat-Oh yeah,I wonder why there happens a pro-Hindu happening everytime BJP is on weak side..and oh yeah ,hindus alone and nobody else are victims of conspiracies,aren’t they -Nimmy


Its amazing how police make awesome progress in this case but not in the Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Delhi blasts..I wonder why? -oh,so you want all or none cases to be resolved !! 🙂 -Nimmy


What we were afraid of has happened. Ethnic cleansing of Hindus by Muslim terrorists and UPA govt’s inability to protect Hindus has led to Hindus taking laws in their hands.-You indeed have issues..I pray people like you ,no matter which religion they belong to,die very soon of leprosy ,before you fill or pour your venom into others hearts duh -Nimmy


In India, the police, especially that in a UPA controlled state, would do anything if paid-small correction,”No matter which party rules,police will do anythign for money..I pray to God no instance happens in my life where I need police help or assistance.. -Nimmy


Media should be just informatics rather than decisive. Media should not encroach the area of judiciary. We should wait for the outcome because media/party is targeting directly to some national party.-Good that  you felt it now..Better late than never..And yeas,pls tell me what are you doing to do about those racist and venemous words said over half-said news ,days before .A criminal is a criminal,Period..But branding a person as terrorist as soon as they are arrested in suspision alone isn’t fair right?Or is your logic applicable in ‘paricular news’ alone?-Nimmy


Ho!.. What a great enthusiasm shown by police when it comes to hindu as a terrorist!– 🙂 lol…No comments..Peace -Nimmy



My request to all my readers..Please don’t mix religion when it comes to criminals..Neither Congress nor BJP,neither SIMI nor VHP are here to save us ,nor are they our robinhoods..All they intend is to act as a choke-starter and ignite fire in our hearts..The references to ethnic cleansing of hindus/muslims, war on Islam/Hindusim, etc etc are terms intented to mess up our fragile minds and make us pawns to achieve their ultimate political or whatever the hell their intention is.Don’t fall their prey..What our nations need today is you and me holding hands and standing together against these terrorists/criminals..Instead,if we try to find conspiracies and say that “My group doesn’t have violent elements” ,it is not going to lead us anywhere..Instead,it will make our life and our nation a disaster..We have stood up together in times of happiness and worries,lets keep doing that and show these pro- religious/well wishers that, we don’t need them..If we don’t do it today,maybe we can’t do it anyday..Until election is over ,we need to make sure neither we,nor  immediate people are ‘ignited’ by these choke-starters.



Jai Hind..Peace to all..

Migrant issues – Qatar and Maharashtra,a comparison.

Lately almost all newspapers and blogs are loaded with discussions on drama scripts ,directed by Raj Bahaiyya.Although it’s been long since I was itching to write about him,I refrained as I don’t want him to get more publicity,even through my small blog..For some odd reason,well, maybe because of overdose of Raj news,I thought of sharing something that may seem to have ‘some’ relation to what Raj Bhaiyya is saying..



I take you to a nation called Qatar,a small place with an area of just 11,437 km²(Kerala is 38,863 km²) . After centuries-long domination by the Ottoman and British empires, Qatar became an independent state on September 3, 1971.Before the discovery of oil, the economy was focused on fishing and pearling. After the introduction of the Japanese cultured pearl onto the world market in the 1920s and 1930s, Qatar’s pearling industry faltered. However, the discovery of oil, beginning in the 1940s, completely transformed the state’s economy. Now the country has a high standard of living, with many social services offered to its citizens and all the amenities of any modern state.



Besides ethnic Arabs, much of the population migrated from various nations to work in the country’s oil industry.Expatriates form the majority of Qatar’s residents. The petrochemical industry has attracted people from all around the world. Most of the expatriates come from South Asia and from non-oil-rich Arab states. In July 2007, the country had a growing population of approximately 907,229 people of whom approximately 350,000 were believed to be citizens .Because a large percentage of the expatriates are male, Qatar has a heavily skewed sex ratio, with 1.8528 males per female.

The population in the current GCC states has grown more than eight times during 50 years; to

be exact,from 4 million in 1950 to 40 million in 2006, which marks one of the highest rates of the

population growth in the world. This increase has not been caused primarily by a natural growth of

indigenous population but by the influx of foreign workers.For every single national,there are three forigeners here.Isn’t that really disturbing when the ecomony as a whole is taken into consideration?Can you belive that the population of expatriate Indians in Qatar stood at 419,096 as of July 31, more than double that of the local Qatari population!!!



Since the discovery of oil, these countries, lacking a local workforce, have been employing a large expatriate labor force. That process has had a very significant impact on the economy, politics, and the social structure of the GCC states. Remittances from migrant labor back to their home exceed the value of regional trade in goods as well as official capital flows.


Migrants are outsiders, period. Such emigration has generally been supported by the governments of home-countries to ease the pressure on labor markets, reduce unemployment, and accelerate development. More plainly said, governments like ours who are not competent or responsible enough to provide for its own citizens, pack  people to far away countries where they can earn  a living and will sent money back to homeland and again the government is happy when it receives foreign money..Many of our states(Kerala for instance) have this oil-money as backbone of internal economy ,the money sent home by people who work as slaves here.Not to divert from the main topic, not only that government is happy that there is less employment issues ,but also there is lot of  incoming money and thus development. So for them it is double dhamaka..What about the economy on the other end?




The migration of Asians and non Arabs to GCC countries have disrupted their societies. In contrary to Europe and like places, where foreign workers have only complemented the national workforce, usually by filling lower-status jobs, in the GCC states they have become the primary, dominant labor force in most sectors of the economy and the government administration.How good is that in the interest of Qatar as a country?




This development has posed security, economic, social and cultural threats to the local population . As a consequence, to maintain a highly privileged position of the nationals,numerous restrictions have been imposed: the sponsorship system, to limit the duration of foreigners’ stay, curbs on citizenship rights of migrants etc. However, many of these measures have not brought the expected results.The employers usually prefer to keep workers who have already gained some local experience rather than bring in the new ones. Moreover, importing a new worker involves additional costs to employers. As a result, the average period of time that foreign workers spend in the GCC countries continues to extend, and the number of ‘almost permanent’ foreign workers has increased.As the unemployment among nationals began to grow, which was a phenomenon unheard of in the past, the GCC governments decided to embark on the formulation of labor market strategies to improve this situation, to create sufficient employment opportunities for nationals, and to limit the dependence on the expatriate labor (the so-called localization, nationalization or indigenization of labor, depending on the country referred to as: Saudization, Omanization, Emiratization, etc.).



A number of measures have been proposed to achieve these objectives:some professions have

been reserved as ‘for nationals only’,the employment quotas for nationals and expatriates have been introduced in certain professions, wage subsidies and state retirement plans for nationals in the private sector were established parallel to fees and charges on the foreign labor to make it less competitive Private companies are expected to maintain certain percentage of nationals. Moreover, large efforts have been made to improve the education and training of nationals. Nevertheless, all these measures have so far brought only limited results. Only the public sector has become successfully nationalized. In the private sector, the localization is still very low.



The employment of foreign workers is both profitable and costly for the receiving countries. The benefits of importing foreign labor are fairly clear: foreigners provide a basic workforce as well as specialists to compensate for the limited number of nationals with required skills and attitudes, stimulate the domestic consumption of goods supplied by local merchants, and boost local property markets. The costs, although much more difficult to estimate, consist of salaries, and the increased spending required to expand the educational and health services, housing, and roads, communications and other elements of infrastructure in order to accommodate the needs of the newcomers. Moreover, the foreign labor force is a substantial drain of the GCC states’ hard currency earnings, with remittances to migrants’ home countries amounting to $27 billion each year.



On the other hand, foreigners benefit from their employment in the GCC countries. They are usually able to find better-paid jobs than they would have at home, enjoy a high standard of living, and often have a chance for a quick career advancement. In particular, they are able to save large sums of money and send or take them home, often significantly stimulating the economy in their home countries. The presence of a large number of expatriates constitutes, however, a major threat to the

stability of the GCC countries; it endangers the culture, influences the structure of society and, furthermore, has an impact on the foreign policy



***phew***Now over to a small place nearby..



Mumbai, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India. With an estimated population of thirteen million, it is the most populous city in India and the most populous city in the world. Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment centre of India, generating 5% of India’s GDP and accounting for 25% of industrial output, 40% of maritime trade, and 70% of capital transactions to India’s economy. Mumbai is India’s largest city. It serves as an important economic hub of the country, contributing 10% of all factory employment, 40% of all income tax collections, 60% of all customs duty collections, 20% of all central excise tax collections, 40% of India’s foreign trade and Rs. 40 billion in corporate taxes. Mumbai’s per-capita income is Rs. 48,954  which is almost three times the national average.



The late 1970s witnessed a construction boom and a significant influx of migrants, which saw Mumbai overtake Kolkata as India’s most populous city. This influx caused unrest among local Maharashtrians who worried about the loss of culture, jobs, and language. State and central government employees make up a large percentage of the city’s workforce. Mumbai also has a large unskilled and semi-skilled labour population, who primarily earn their livelihood as hawkers, taxi drivers, mechanics and other such blue collar professions. The port and shipping industry, too, employs many residents, directly or indirectly. In Dharavi, in central Mumbai, there is an increasingly large recycling industry, processing recyclable waste from other parts of the city; the district has an estimated 15,000 single-room factories.The media industry is another major employer in Mumbai.



According to the 1991 census, the linguistic groups’ demographics are: Maharashtrians (53%), Gujaratis (22%), North Indians (17%), Tamils (3%), Sindhis (3%), Tuluvas/Kannadigas (2%) and others.There are 875 females to every 1,000 males, lower than the national average



Like other metropolises in the developing world, Mumbai suffers from the same major urbanization problems seen in many fast growing cities in developing countries: widespread poverty and unemployment, poor public health and poor civic and educational standards for a large section of the population. With available space at a premium, Mumbai residents often reside in cramped, relatively expensive housing, usually far from workplaces, and therefore requiring long commutes on crowded mass transit, or clogged roadways. According to 2001 census of India, about 54% of the city’s population lives in slums.


Now tell me whether Raj Thackery makes some sense to you..I am not supporting his means of putting forward his thoughts,but I must say that I do support his cause and there are many many marathis who support him irrespective of his violent means because they feel the haven’t been given justice in their own land..Now you can claim that my example of Qatar as a disrupted economy due to migrants ,is out of scope and that Maharashtra and Bihar and Kerala are all parts of same country..Agreed..But don’t forget that states were formed based on linguistic factors and every citizen has more claim over his own state than an outsider.We are yet to evolve into the virtual boundary-less country where we can move around freely..When UP and Bihar or Kerala cannot provide for its own people,people like Lallu have no right to call Raj  ‘a mental case’..Lallu is a gone case bcoz he has eaten  and grabbed as much as possible from Bihar..Also,I was reading that Lallu was not takig into concern any of the petitions given by people regarding railway recruitment..So,why should marathis suffers simply because neighboring states are ruled by lazy greedy politicians who care least and provide for its own people.



And yeah,I know its unfair to ask people to leave who made up lives here ( Qatar or Mumbai for instance) after they have contributed as much as possible and asking them to leave once the economy is stable is mean..But life is all about survival of fittest..So when there is imbalance in people moving in and out of societies,we will have clashes over the same..And finally,there is something called central government,but sorry,they have no time to deal with petty issues like these.. 



Lastly the drama by Raj Bhaiyya is all about securing a seat in next elections and he care least for real cause ..If he had cared,he’ld not have caused 30 lakh rupee loss for his ‘soil’ in one single day..So,this post is not about hailing Raj,but the cause behind it..Afterall,I think that all non marathis should move out of Mumbai and teach mumbaikars a lesson on learnig themselves “How independent they are” me,I am sure Raj and allies will knock door of all those people who left and ask them to come back..Society is all about giving and taking,well atleast that’s how I learned it..





I just knew he had “Z “ grade security protection till today..uh..Indeed a secular India..Jai hind..And oh yeah,Raj is not much bothered about western cultures like pubs and nightouts intruding his culture,rather he is bothered about ‘rest of India’-culture diluting Maharashtra..strange…



**phew**I took 4-5 hours to read articles and write this 2-page rant..The post seems too long..I hope atleast few people will bother to read the entire post..Do share your views..Good day.. 

“No time to complain, time to be wise”

Complaining will not work. We must develop capabilities to counter negative propaganda. To that end, Muslims are realizing the importance of education. A section of the Muslim leadership is working hard towards this. There is a demand that government provide schools, instead of more police stations.It is time for Muslims to be wise and not reactionary. We need to understand the new, emerging India. This is not being visionary. The point is that even a madrassa education can be of help. One only has to look at successful madrassa graduates, especially those from Falah, Islah, Nadwa and Deoband, to see how they moved on to modern universities and secured jobs.

The government is no longer the sole creator and provider of jobs. The private sector has thrown up opportunities like never before. Here the scope for discrimination and biases is minimal. When an India of opportunities seems to be round the corner, it is futile for educated Muslim youth to indulge in mindless violence and miss the bus of progress and development.





This article seemed to be a balanced one..I believe its high time that muslims come out of their shells and stop mourning over Islamic history and complain over administrative flaws ,and instead try to move ahead on thier own..When a muslim say “I face discrimination”, I find it lame..Who on earth doesn’t face discrimination? The black face discrimination over the white,the poor over the rich,the educated over the illiterate,the lower caste over the higher caste..Its all there around the world.Rather than complaining about it,we need to look into solutions and work it out ourselves.



I am not being communal ,i am just trying to see things from my part.Muslims as a whole ,have lot of resources ,in all forms, and if they wish and try hard, in no time, they can make it to the top..Having said that almost all the elite educated and financially-sound muslims left for Pakistan during 1947,and all that was left were poor ones, its great that we still enjoy the current position as of today..I have lived in a few Muslim countries and I can say it loud and clear that life is best in India, where we can practice our faith with all freedom,we learn to respect and accommodate others and learn to move along each other ,learn to celebrate and mourn and feel compassionate for people around us irrespective of caste, color and creed, atleast to a major extent..



I come from a place where we have a temple ,a church and a mosque in the vicinity of my house..The masjid shares its wall with a hindu family,and for that sole reason alone,the Azan(call for prayer) is not said loud,as usually done through a loudspeaker as not to cause disturbance to them..In the temple, almost all of us (even during our late teens) used to visit temple, just for the sake to grabbing some sandal paste..The priest knew us,as we are from the very same locality,and he’ld smile and give us some sandal paste as soon as we enter..I remember the first time I went there..Me and my cousin had no idea of what to do and we were so afraid of being recognized as non-hindu..We observed people walking around temple and tried to do the same way..And finally when we stood near the deity with folded hands ,waiting for ‘prasad’ in banana leaf,the priest said,’Oh,you want sandal paste’ 🙂 It was a few years ago. Still it remains as fresh as it happened yesterday. Same way,our masjid used to have non muslims listening to speeches on fridays..and everybody were free to visit the church anytime.. I am afraid, such level of tolerance from both sides cannot be seen today.I don’t see any of my cousins today interested in going to temple..I don’t see any non muslim interested in listening to sermons in masjids..When and why did the whole spirit fade away..?



Educated muslims can do lot of wonders..I still hold the strong belief that ‘terrorists’ are made out of circumstances.. If a person if rightly educated and spiritually informed-the right way, no person will bother to go and blast bombs every now and then..I wonder when will people wake up and see things for themselves and understand that the whole Islamic terrorism and Hindu terrorism have nothing to do with religion ,but that people with vested interests are making use of people and religion and the whole world is dancing to their tunes..Unless we wake up and fight for ourselves and our kids, nothing good is going to happen..



If Muslims bother to pay Zakat properly, I guess a major portion of the community will benefit from it..But I doubt how many of them pay Zakat correctly.. The rule is to pay 2.5% on annual savings,on gold above 85 grams and like..If zakat was being distributed to deserved people, I believe things can take a change in the right direction. Lot of financially sound muslims can afford to educate children from the other side,lot of muslim entrepreneurs can manage to accommodate jobless muslims guys/gals..Overall,I believe self introspection within the community and working out solution will make lot of difference, in the right direction..



Its high time muslims stop looking at politicians to do something for them..Aren’t we capable of doing it ourselves.I am not ranting about making a society aloof from the rest..But if the is a sincere try,from all sides ,we need no reservation,no appeasement(if there had been any literal and practical muslim appeasement,i believe muslims would have become Tata’s and Birla’s long time back.What we see and hear is paper appeasement). As far I see it,it is a propaganda to blame muslims of being conspiracy makers and against administration. .Me as a muslim appreciate what the government and administration is doing for me.. By believeing in the said propaganda, people are trying to sideline themselves.. By doing so, we are doing more harm to ourselves.. Just for instance, alongside with protesting for rights of  accused students ,who are jailed labeled terrorists, why not empathize PUBLICLY for the policeman who died then..When protesting against Danish cartoons,why not talk against M F Hussain who hurts people’s sentiments..I believe that such small acts of goodness will do wonders in building mutual confidence.. Afterall, we all care for each other right?



Crooked people are trying and winning over their divide ‘n’ rule plan..They want to divide our nation in the name of infinite factors..I strongly believe that both jihadists and Dal guys are just pawns dancing to the tunes of these people behind the scene. No real follower of religion can rape a nun or blast kids into pieces. I wish all of us, and especially Muslims doesn’t fall their prey. Rather than pointing fingers, look into yourself and ask if you, yourself, is right and work on it. When somebody questions you, rather than finding fault with it and getting offended ,reply them the way your religion asks you to..


  • For, [true] servants of the Most Gracious are [only] they who walk gently on earth, and who, whenever the foolish address them, [Sc., “with the aim to ridicule them or to argue against their beliefs”.] reply with [words of] peace;[25:63]



That was a long rant..Sorry..


Good day to all..



I forgot to mention that even to this day,the assistant in temple,an old lady,comes to our home everyday to pick flowers for the rituals..And deep inside,for no reason,I feel so happy about it..