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Choco ‘n’ Bread Pudding

Its sweet time again.I think I am not in a good mood today as to write an intro to the dish..Lets move on and see what I have brought for you..


We’ll need


Milk-2 cups

Cubed Bread-6 slices

Sugar-1/2 cup

Cocoa-1/3 cup

Egg yolks-2 slightly beaten

Butter- 2 tbspn

Vanilla-1 tspn

Egg whites-2 stiffly beaten

Nuts and raisins-1/2 cup

Bring milk to boil.Add bread pieces and make a smooth mixture.Add sugar,egg yolks and cocoa.Beat well until all ingredients blend well.Add butter and vanilla extract.Now,fold in egg whites and mix gently.Add  nuts and raisins.Pour into a greased baking dish and bake for 25-35 minutes(until middle portion becomes firm).Serve warm or chilled.

Itz gonna get baked...


Itz baked!!!


Isn't that nice!!


My Cashew picky on action!

Mango-Bread Pudding

Mango season is over:-( This year we didn’t get as many sweet mangoes as we got last year.Don’t confuse yourself.I am not talking about mangoes from my yard,instead from Family Food Centre(our local supermarket).Last year,we ate as much as 20-25 kg mangoes in 2 months time.Sweet pakistan mangoes.But this time,most probably due to high expectation,almost all mangoes we bought turned out crap.Gosh,how disheartening it is,when you peel a ripe mango and taste it,only to know that its not worth your taste buds..Indeed a heart-breaking scenario..

To end the story,since mangoes were not good enough to be eaten raw,I had to find recipes to process them.Here is a mango-bread pudding,a recipe from,to which I added and subtracted some ingredients.


Note:This pudding smell heavenly while the baking is done..mmmmmmmm…very sweet smell.I was sniffing a lot in and around the pudding, that I finally sprayed some air freshner,since I didn’t want my greediness to spoil the taste of dish.


We’ll need


Ripe mangoes-1 medium size mango

Bread-3 slices

Milk-1 cup


Cardamom-1/2-3/4 tspn (almost 4 nos seeded and grounded)

Sugar-1/2 cup

Valilla extract-1 tspn

Ground cinnamon-1/2 tspn

Salt-a pinch

Raisins,Nuts-1/4-1/2 cup

Butter-1 tspn


Toss together the pieces of bread and mango, and place in the baking dish. In a medium bowl, whisk together the rest of ingredients. Pour over the bread. Dot with small pieces of butter.Bake for 20-25 mnts.Serve warm or chilled!!




P.S :Baking is all about cooking sense.Recipes give baking temperature and baking time.Well,I dn’t have an oven.I bake using pressure cooker.There is no law in cooking.You can use stuff as you like it.Regardless of baking without an oven,almost all my dishes had turned out good.I’ve baked Apple-cinnamom cake,Apple-carrot cake and Banana-carrot cake ,all using pressure cooker.It turned out fairly well.Without knowing the temperature and time,its bit risky.You just need to keep flame low and check if baking is done by inserting a toothpick/knife on to the middle portion of dish every five minutes,one 20-25 mnts time is lapsed..Maybe it will not turn out fine during the first attempt..Try n try again.Trust me,you’ll end up a good baker:-)