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..of Love Jihadist’s baby machines ..

love-jihadIt is indeed a sad need for those champions of Love Jihad , that the HC has ruled out Love Jihad operations,which intends to ” As per the instructions to recruits of this organisation, they have to love a Hindu girl within the time frame of 2 weeks and brainwash them to get converted and marry within 6 months. Special instructions to breed atleast 4 kids have also been given. If the target won’t get trapped within first 2 weeks, they are instructed to leave them and move on to another girl. ”

Remember the SiljaRaj I mentioned in the last post, …of Love and Love jihad ? The Karnataka High Court on Friday permitted a Hindu girl from Chamarajnagar to go wherever she chooses to after the State police filed an interim report saying that there was no ‘Love Jihad’ angle to her relationship with a Muslim boy. It said Silja had of her own will gone away with Ashkar. It was Ashkar’s mother, Shahida, who asked Silja and her son to go to the Ponnai mosque in Kerala and take training from the Madrasa. It said Ashkar had no relationship with any Muslim organisation as per the information collected so far.

Kochi: Director-General of Police Jacob Punnoose on Wednesday reiterated before the Kerala High Court that no concrete or substantial evidence was available to establish that ‘Love Jihad’ was operating in the State.

However, he said he could not come to a definite or a conclusive finding due to divergence in the contents of the reports received from different subordinate units which formed the basis of his statement filed earlier before the court.

The DGP on Monday submitted the reports he had received from the subordinate units in a sealed cover before the court.

Justice K.T. Sankaran had earlier directed the DGP to file a statement and produce the reports in a sealed cover as the court was dissatisfied with the DGP’s earlier statement.

The court had issued a directive to the DGP to inform it of the activities of the ‘Love Jihad’ while considering two anticipatory bail petitions filed by two youths in a case relating to the abduction and forced conversion of a woman.

The DGP said that cogent and coherent material was available in three reports to make unambiguous statement regarding the truth of allegation on compulsive religious conversion. These reports warranted further inquiry, which he had already ordered. He said the three reports were not backed with supporting evidence to come to a positive finding.

The information in the three reports was relevant while considering the question posed by the court. He said some reports were written based on hearsay. They were not supported by any directive evidence.[…..]

I won’t say that this report is a conclusive one.Let there be more investigations in the regard and let the truth be digged out.If there are random incidents as accused,let them be nipped in their budding stage..But what bothers me is,how will those people who had spit poison from their tongues,take it back ? What will SNDP and VHP and KCBC do with their task forces,formed in regard with Love Jihad?

I suggest and request people to think twice or thrice or even more times,before you talk of matters that will drown communal harmony..


I wonder what make human beings talk like this..

Muslims are outsiders to India. Their loyalties are outside the borders of India. Their motto is to destroy the culture of this country. Their icons are Dawood Ibrahim, Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar, Ajmal Kasab and the like. Their intentions are clear while some of them try to talk differently. They don’t respect India’s National Song and the National Flag. I don’t know if their brothers in U.S.A. or elsewhere are similar. It is not wise to argue with them. The best way is to keep off. They have to their support some ‘bhrashtachari’ politicians and parties. Attacks on ‘Bharateeya Samskriti’ were there since ages. The rakshasas killed the rishis and attempted disrupt vedic rituals. The Mughals destroyed the religious structures and burnt the scriptures. But none could touch the eternal ‘Bharateeya Samskriti’. Some haywires may go astray. Elsewhere in the world some of the most ancient cultures were destroyed after the advent of some new faiths. The parents are to be faulted if their girls are falling prey to ‘love jihadists’



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