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A picture-perfect opportunity to celebrate World Enviornment day…Gulf Oil Spill (PHOTOS): Animals In Peril

An environment day couldn’t have been any worse than this…Well,the animals and birds portrayed here are lucky,that they were ‘born and brought up ‘ in USA,where they are treated and rescued,and not in some country like India,where people are not bothered about anything else other than themselves…Sad,really sad that they are suffering for a reason,which is manmade. Human beings,at least majority of them, consider this earth as personal property.Not only that we use resources for our luxury,but also care least for what exists around us…”So what”,is the general attitude…Sad,really sad..

World Enviornment Day 2010

‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future’,

All images copy pasted from random URLs from google search..Pls don’t sue me for copyright violation,I don’t intend to steal your image..My intention is the same as yours,spread the message ..