Hindu terror is a reality, yet India refuses to utter its name

The Mirror Explodes

Hindu terror is a reality, yet India refuses to utter its name
by Smruti Koppikar, Debarshi Dasgupta, Snigdha Hasan

Malegaon Blasts-I
September 8, 2006
37 dead



  • Initial arrests: Arrested include Salman Farsi, Farooq Iqbal Makhdoomi, Raees Ahmed, Noorul Huda Samsudoha and Shabbir Batterywala.
  • Later revelation: Suspicion now rests on Hindu terrorists because of the 2008 blasts.


Samjhauta Express Blasts
February 18, 2007
68 dead, mostly Pakistanis



  • Initial suspicion: LeT and JeM were blamed. Those arrested included Pakistani national Azmat Ali.
  • Later revelation: Police have seen the evidence trail lead to right-wing Hindu activists. Investigators claim the triggering mechanism for the Mecca masjid blast three months later was similar to the one used here. Police are looking for RSS pracharaks Sandeep Dange and Ramji.

Mecca Masjid Blast
May 18, 2007
14 dead

  • Initial arrests: Around 80 Muslims detained for questioning and 25 arrested. Several have now been acquitted, including Ibrahim Junaid, Shoaib Jagirdar, Imran Khan and Mohammed Adul Kaleem.
  • Later revelation: In June 2010 the CBI announced a cash reward of Rs 10 lakh for information on the two accused, Sandeep Dange and Ramchandra Kalsangra. Lokesh Sharma arrested.

Ajmer Sharif Blast
October 11, 2007
3 dead

  • Initial arrests: HuJI, LeT blamed. Those arrested include  Abdul Hafiz Shamim, Khushibur Rahman, Imran Ali.
  • Later revelation: In 2010, Rajasthan ATS arrests Devendra Gupta, Chandrashekhar and Vishnu Prasad Patidar. Accused Sunil Joshi, who was killed weeks before the blast, is believed to have been a key planner.

Thane Cinema Blast
June 4, 2008

  • Affiliated to Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Sanathan Sanstha,  Ramesh Hanumant Gadkari and Mangesh Dinkar Nikam arrested. Blast planned to oppose the screening of Jodhaa Akbar.

Kanpur And Nanded Bomb Mishaps
August 2008

  • Two members of Bajrang Dal—Rajiv Mishra and Bhupinder Singh—were killed while assembling bombs in Kanpur. In April 2006, N. Rajkondwar and H. Panse from the same outfit died under similar circumstances in a bomb-making workshop in Nanded.

Malegaon Blasts II
September 29, 2008
7 dead

  • Initial suspicion: Groups like Indian Mujahideen involved
  • Later revelation: Abhinav Bharat and Rashtriya Jagaran Manch accused of involvement. Arrested include Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Col Srikant Purohit and Swami Amritanand Dev Tirth, also known as Dayanand Pandey.

Goa Blasts
October 16, 2009

  • 2 dead Both accused are members of the Sanathan Sanstha. Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik were riding a scooter laden with explosives, which accidentally went off.

Source : http://outlookindia.com/article.aspx?266145




Ok,now tell me that criminals don’t have religion..But I hardly hear so,when the same activities are done by Muslim names. Why? RSS can shout that they have no link with terror,and I am obliged to believe it,no matter how many of its associates are arrested in several terrorists attacks.. But when a muslim-named party,forget the part that most of them are dead fish and infact do promot radicalism,I am obliged to laugh it off as bluff.. Why?



Just like the fact that only a minority of hindus are terrorists,only a minority of muslims too are so. Why can’t people agree on that?Ok,now tell me that “All muslims are not terrorists ,but all terrorists are muslims” and bla bla bla… Well, I know I am  being saddistic  and though I condemn all those criminal acts done by people,no matter which religion they belong to, these blasts and consequent investigations have made me happy that atleast the above quoted statement have been proved wrong.. Now not all terrorists are muslims.. They can be Hindus  and Maoists too…Praise be to India..




Until and unless you take away the baggage of  terrorism, from my religious identity ,please excuse me,I am going to fall into your fallacy of  “Terror has no religion”..




  1. Nimmy,

    In fact there are lots of people who take offense if you even suggest (read the comments) that there are Hindu fanatics who foment terror.

    They feel that Islam is out to destroy their culture and with this intense threat hanging over the, they’re not able to look at anything else….

    • way to go, Mr parker…I guess it’s like trying to impress…vhp or bajrangdaldal may be bad…but be grateful to them…one ingredient of fascism…victimhood…yeah… these same vhp provided them…babri…but it is just an excuse…my advice…do not go by media…try to read what happened in hyderabad recently…how politicians reacted…media reported…what started every thing…try to use brain…peace!

      • Dude, if you want me to understand what you’re saying, you gotta learn to communicate!

      • Hi Kiran,welcome to my blog..

        I have trained myself not to swallow what the media feeds me,as such.

        Your comment made me recall the ‘Who came first? Chicken or egg?” dilemma.. I don’t know ‘Who started it first” But should it matter really? To me, all this should end. I am not against people hating each other.. This is not heaven where all of the human beings think and act alike.. Well,atleast they could stop killing each other…

        Yes,I am using my brain.. Earlier,when muslim-named people used to get arrested,I used my heart and say myself,” No,muslims can’t do this crime”.. But now i have started using my brain and now i totally understand that there are many psychic criminals out there, who have nothing but hate inside their heart..

        Are you using your brain??

    • Wow,the link you gave is really interesting… All of them fighting you to head and nail 🙂

      Bhagwad,actually,Indian muslims have assimilated from fellow hindus and vice versa too..So far,this exchange has only helped both communities..But there are a few,yet highly venomous people out there who are out to destroy all what we all accumulated over centuries. There are some sicko beard people and some so-called hindutva people who spit venom and unfortunately,their sound is heard loud and clear,where as peaceful voices faint with the breeze..

      Muslims play the victim hood drama that the whole world against them . and hence they start viewing others around them with suspicion. And the hindus are shouting that muslims are breeding dogs who are out to wipe of their culture for ever.. and they too start viewing people around them with suspicion..

      Who is more stupid and dangerous,I don’t know…

      • I hope you’re right – that such people are in a minority. IHM also seems to think so, and it’s probably true.

        It’s a good feeling 🙂

      • Gudakesin Sharma
      • March 29th, 2015

      It is almost a decade ago that you wrote this, or pasted it, but the political environment since has become unrecognizable and is, today, profoundly unsettling.

      Now more than previously, gestures like yours need to be disseminated more frequently, publicly, and powerfully.

      Hindu terrorism not only exists, it grows exponentially and may very well engulf the polity.

      It is difficult to be proud: as a Hindu, as a man, as an Indian.

  2. I agree with Bhagwad…Nobody wants to believe that their community members can be terrorists…

    • True Bones.. Earlier,I too had this stupid thought,but now I know that I was very much wrong..

  3. everybody is blind to their own faults.

    • Yes Reema.. Until and unless people start recognizing that ‘There is a problem”, No solution is going to turn up…

  4. We humans do not believe in justice, we only believe in justice for ourselves.
    We lie to ourselves to be happy 🙂

    • A Banerjee
    • July 13th, 2010

    dear nimmy,
    please understand that the talk about numbers is baseless. Hindus consist of 80% of the country’s population. Compare that with 12 to 15 % muslims. Obviously, the percentage of Hindus who indulge in anti national/social activities is nothing compared to the number of muslims.
    The trouble with people like you(and countless like you) is that you revel in such baseless statistics which have no meaning. How does it matter if the terrorist was a hindu or a muslim?
    It matters to you because of a deep rooted inferiority complex and backward thinking.
    My sincere suggestion is stop looking at the community and look at the larger perspective.

    • “It matters to you because of a deep rooted inferiority complex and backward thinking.”

      No. It matters because there are people making ridiculous generalizations that implicate everyone in a certain group.

      I agree with you that religion should not matter. In fact, that is exactly Nimmy’s point. She’s not saying that all Hindus are terrorists (because that would be stupid).

      Her point is that religious fantics are there in all religions. By showing statistics of Hindu related violence, she’s trying to say “Look – there’s no stereotype for terrorists. They can be from any religion and from anywhere.”

    • Bang on, Bhagwad. Perfect explanation.

      And Mr. Banerjee, if statistics are baseless, then I suggest you follow your own advice and look beyond them. Read the entire post and you will understand what Nimmy is trying to say. Her point is exactly about NOT making generalizations and stereotyping. Terrorists exist in all religions and we must fight against it regardless. And instead of trying to justify w.r.t their population percentage (like you did stating Hindu and Muslim population percentages), we need to acknowledge the fact that it does exist. That is the point.

      And if you want to look w.r.t percentages then lets do that. Hypothetically and as per your logic, if you assume that 10% of all Muslims indulge in terrorism, that would be 12 million Muslims. Now again going by your logic, if we bring that down to 1% for Hindus, it would still be upto 9 million Hindus. I don’t see a big difference in the two numbers. And it takes 1 brainless fanatic to screw our country.

      And what inferiority complex and backward thinking are you talking about? Have you met all 12-15% Muslims living in India to conclude that?

      Jai Hind.

      • Thanks for being there Bhagwad and Masood..

        I post is not about ” All hindus are terorists” and neither is it about ” No muslims are terrorists”..

        My post is about ” Terrorists can be muslims,hindus ,maoists or others and IT IS NOT JUST MUSLIMS ALONE”..

        So stop shouting that ““All muslims are not terrorists ,but all terrorists are muslims” “

        Thanks and good day to all

        • GyanP
        • July 14th, 2010

        With due respect, no use playing around with numbers. We all understand what Banerjee is trying to say. The entire world is shaken by the acts of terror who profess to act in the name of Islam. That is why, naturally, there is more talk of Islamic terror.
        Not that anybody has anything against the Muslim per se. Least of all Hindus, who try to live peacefully with each and everybody.
        What is worrying is that the integrity of this country is breaking up by acts of terror. And we should all condemn it.
        People get more carried by the labels they give themselves – Liberal, atheist, even Hindu and Muslim, etc.
        Let’s try to look at the reality and have only one identity – Indian. And do everythig for the sake of Mother India!
        All anti-India activities are to be condemned, that is the main point, otherwise, there is no use entering into a polemic just for the heck of it.
        Look squarely into the eye of the reality, for once and save this country!
        Masood, I had a look at your blog. seems interesting. Soon, when I have some time, I will visit there and leave my comment.
        Jai Hind!

        • Hi GyanP. I normally don’t get into such discussions and my own blog is an example of that. But Mr Banerjee’s comment was very provocative and could not be ignored.

          Glad you dropped by my blog. Do keep visiting 🙂

            • A Banerjee
            • July 14th, 2010

            Dear Mr Masood,

            My apologies for appearing to be provocative.
            I did not mean to hurt any sentiments per se.
            Firstly, ‘ your backward thinking’ is not aimed at any community and certainly not my muslim bretheren with whom I have grown up in Pune, it refers to the well educated people like the ones in this blog who know very less about promoting national unity.

            The point I am trying to make is that why in heaven’s name do you mention the communities at all? Why do Muslims keep talking about Godhra, Sikhs about 1984 and Hindus about Kashmiri Pundits?

            Why can’t it be a neutral view? All acts of terror are deplorable. The reason why communal passions are alive is because we are not Indians but Hindus/ Tamilians/ Marathis/ Bodo/ Dalits.

            Anyways, I again apologise for the tone of my last comment. Let’s hope we progress for the better and not otherwise.


            • No issues mate. And what you say now is correct – why mention communities at all. But what nimmy was trying to say is that ‘why only say muslims and not others coz it exists in all religions’.

              Eitherways, this is a healthy discussion. I hope we learn from each other and, like you said, progress for the better.


    • 🙂 Interesting.. Just so that you may know..My grandfather was a freedom fighter who received pension till his death a few years ago and infact,if you( and all those people who hold hate) hate muslims,it is you and not me who should have the inferiority complex that you are living freely in India bcoz of the struggle done by many fellow Indian muslims..

      ” How does it matter if the terrorist was a hindu or a muslim?”

      The answer is in the post itself..”Until and unless you take away the baggage of terrorism, from my religious identity ,please excuse me,I am going to fall into your fallacy of “Terror has no religion”..”

      “My sincere suggestion is stop looking at the community and look at the larger perspective.”

      So true Banarjee .. I hope everybody will read this and try to swallow or at least stop from today,all those hate words they had spit towards a particular community 🙂

    • GyanP
    • July 14th, 2010

    People in this blog appear more interested in scoring a point. Nobody is interested or willing to go to the roots. Discussion like this does not have any meaning.
    This sort of circuitous and keeping on repeating that ‘Muslims are terrorists’, ‘No, no Hindus are terrorists’ — what meaning does it serve? You are just scoring some points, and maybe boosting your egos.
    If some terrorist act was committed why was it done?
    Which community is on the offensive?
    Which community is standing up in defense?
    Surely, nobody here will suggest that one should keep on tolerating acts of aggression, for the fear of being called a terrorist.
    I am all against acts of violence by any community.
    But the comments are more in the nature of labeling Hindus as terrorists, by quoting some isolated instances – that too when many of these are under investigation and have not bee proved?
    And, no there is no use in labeling a religion as terrorist. When a terrorist is Muslim he will called Muslim terrorist. That’s all. Since all these acts are claimed as acts of jehad, by these same terrorists – so they them self give them a religious color. Nobody else is doing that!
    Yes, there are good people in Islam, as they are in Hinudism, as they are in Christianity. Only, you get worried when a community have been hijacked by nasty elements. Then, the problem arises that those good people are not in a position to anything. An average Mulim is as wary of terrorism as a Hindu is.
    But, if, just to be called liberal or atheists or secular for you want to be liberal towards Islamic acts of terror, then people like you will be most responsible when things go out of hand.
    Like they did in Kashmir – all Hindus were hounded out.
    Like the things are happening in Assam – it is becoming another Kashmir.
    Ultimately, its is a question of territory man. You are loosing it! And only trying to score here some brownie points.
    I do not want to argue here with anybody.
    My point is – either open your eyes and take corrective steps, or keep them shut and pat on each others shoulders- ‘It was good o Liberal’, ‘it was Good o atheist’, ‘it was good oh secular’.
    Nobody, I say nobody here, wants to reach to the root cause.

    • “Ultimately, its is a question of territory man. You are loosing it!”

      Who is “you?” And I wasn’t aware of any war where territorial issues were in question.

      “Nobody, I say nobody here, wants to reach to the root cause.”

      Let’s define the problem first and then we can look for the cause.

      Why don’t you start?

        • GyanP
        • July 15th, 2010

        Ignorance is bliss!

        • 🙂 Actually,I have heard this infinite times that ‘muslims are going to take over India” muslims are breeding like rats” and bla bla… But I wonder why this is not reflected in census?

            • sree
            • August 24th, 2010


            Check the above link. It show that muslims are certainly increasing in kerala.

            The first line of the report in ‘The Hindu’ states that while the population of hindus and christians decreased by 1.48 and 0.32 percentage points, the population of muslims increased by 1.70 percentage points. This is over a 10 year period from 1991 to 2001.

            If you check the population of children in the age group of 0-6 , you can find that the proportion between hindus and muslims decreases.

            For total population the proportion of hindus to muslims in kerala is 2.27:1. And this decreases to 1.64:1 for children below 6 years.

            From the above link you can see the disproportionate number of children in malappuram, which has a brute majority of muslims , compared to the other districts.

            So theoretically if the same situation continues for some decades or a century, muslims will definitely overtake hindus in kerala.

            A community that practices polygamy and has a lower marriage and child bearing age will definitely increase in proportion to other communities. And if this goes on for years their line in the population graph will definitely overtake others.

    • Hi GyanP ,Welcome here (Sorry for being late to reply)

      “If some terrorist act was committed why was it done?
      Which community is on the offensive?
      Which community is standing up in defense?”

      N community as a whole is responsible for the acts of a few.. RSS guys are blasting bombs? Does that make my best friend Arjun responsible for that? Madani is gonna get arrested,do I have to explain and justify his act? Some Joseph is making issues via qstn paper. Can I hold me friend Ribi responsible for that?

      First of all,we all need to get out of this communal-feeling and start acting like Indians and not as Hindus muslims tamilians,keralaites etc etc as Banergee said..

      and yes,you are right,we are not touching the root cause..But what is it..To me,the caste system is the root cause of all issues in India.

  5. //Simeon asks, “Is Praveen Togadia’s yatra in Kandhamal that resulted in 125 dead, thousands injured and rendered refugees any less a terrorist act than that of the cadre involved in the Malegaon and Ajmer blasts? They get away with their murderous activities because of sympathy among a section of the elite.”//

    To me these acts are the most frightening, because they are not totally condemned. Rath Yatras with fanfare, trishuls and swords giving crime a look of a religious act and burka ban in a Mangalore college, jeans ban elsewhere, same gotra marriage ban and honor killings – these are couched so smoothly in ‘save the culture from either the minorities’ (or from whoever does not hate the minorities) kind of slogans.

    Save the culture/religion/morals/old traditions are dangerous because they find supporters. And the government is afraid to take open clear cut action against them (sometimes they may not want to) because it becomes a matter of votes.

    Terrorism has no support from any voters, acts like bomb blasts are universally condemned and any government can take action against such acts with total confidence. Such actions can be firmly checked and are generally kept in reasonable control.

    RSS has lost support after the Malegaon Blast, I have friends who supported them until then – because it was all religion-bachao till then. They had support despite godhra and 1993 riots in Bombay, but Malegaon changed everything. Sad that one kind of hate is taken lightly, and even supported.

    Any act of violence against innocent people – no matter what the excuse, should be treated like terrorism.

    • Sri
    • July 16th, 2010

    Nimmy, I am really sorry for coming back.

    Please forgive me for diversion. But you can read from the below link.


    It is a real shame.

    The report mentions sanghparivar. But what did BJP do when it was in power for 6 years?

    Please spread this if you can.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Sri,thanks for coming back..Please do stay and share your thoughts..

      thanks for the link..It was a shocking one..Will put it up as my next post..


  6. I accept and there is no denying… ‘Terrorists have no religion’

    People must look beyond their religious faiths and there is no certain definition for terrorists…

    • So true Kanagu..You will not understand my frustration until and unless you have been in my place,hearing all bad words,for the acts of a few…

    • Archana
    • July 25th, 2010

    Hi Nimmy, I feel after reading ur blog that u have really low acceptance towards other religions, U talking abt malegaon, panipat and other places blasts and killing.. if u sum up all death count, all most equal number of bombblasts are done by muslim in name of jihad, U give count of how many muslims were killed, do u have account how many hindus were forcefully-converted, killed by muslim u will not have it bcoz u dont want to have it.,

    You say. u in dilemma,, ‘Who came first? Chicken or egg?”
    I tell first, muslim like persian, mughals, invaded india.. lootted, raped, did forceful conversions,, those who didnt agree to convert were killed, the nalanda university where whole world came and studied, was set on fire with monks just bcoz it was having all sort of books but not quran, it burned for months, this is just one incident, there are many more, more then muslim death count given by u, the reason behind hindus being terrorist, muslim terrorist activity, I, my family personally have experienced, betrayals from muslim fellows and that to quite in number.

    Just let me know if u have death count of terrorist attk on 26Nov , 93 blast, bombs fixed in trains, buses… bombs placed by indian mujayadin on cycle in gujrat

    I completely agree, calling all terrorist are muslim, is hurting. But the muslim do it to spread islam and do islam abaad, and hindu do it becoz “u killing my hindu fellows, destroying my heritage and attacking my culture, so i wont spare ur people.
    Apart from this, Hindu is not a religion, but few non hindus bracketed it into a religion bcoz may be they dont or dont wont to understand anything beyond religion. One personal question are u by origin a muslim or were converted as many indian muslims are converted muslims

    • Archana
    • July 25th, 2010

    Something I read
    from http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/29854
    Count of who killed whom and in what number esply for Mr. masood, for whom 3 million extra muslim(on average more) terrorist is hardly a difference.

    Muslims in India under a sick TB patient Jinnah started the direct action in 1946 which was nothing but bloody terrorism in which they killed more than 5000 Hindus for the creation of Pakistan. This continued till the creation of Pakistan the land of the pure muslims and millions of Indians were killed in the process. During partition one million Indians were killed. After getting 30% of the land mass, muslims continued to live in India and is carrying out muslim terrorism on a daily basis with the help of Pakistani ISI agents.

    Some 60,000 Hindus were killed by this muslim terrorism since independence. In Pakistan Hindus were ethnically cleaned from 23% to below !%. In 1971 Pakistani army killed as many as two million Hindus in East Bengal. Muslims are mentally sick. Everyone is a terrorist with very few exceptions. Traveling in Train or plane or in public road is a terrorizing thing in India, and we are worried whether a suicide terrorist is sitting near us. Almost for a year the muslim terrorists in Hyderabad were picking up Hindus from bus stops by offering lift in a car, and kill them slitting their throats. Hundreds were killed like this few years back. None of the 52 Muslim countries give Hajj subsidy. But India provides the Hajj subsidy for Indian muslims which was increased by a factor of 12by the BJP government.

    • Archana
    • July 25th, 2010


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