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Moi organic vegetable garden ….

Gardening,vegetable gardening is the best way to spent your free time,in a productive way..Its not just my sole effort,the whole family,moi  father,mother,husband,sister,brother,maid,everybody contridutes in their own way..Another picture post on flower garden coming up shortkly 🙂

Please do not copy my pictures…

My lovely garden ;-)

Winter is coming to an end.Temperature is 26 C and is expected to be 30 C by Saturday.End of winter means end of gardening.Only cactus grows in temerature as high as 45 C 🙂 I hope my infant vegetables reaches atleast their teenage before they die out in hot sun..Some snaps…




































































































































































































































🙂 🙂 Good day to all..


Christmas wishes and some glimpses of my small garden

Cancel Christmas – Jesus was born June 17, say scientists



It may not be too late to send the presents back, as astronomers have calculated that Christmas should not be celebrated on December 25 – but on June 17 instead.

Researchers tracked the appearance of the ‘Christmas star’, which the Bible states three wise men followed to find Jesus.

Australian stargazer Dave Reneke used complex computer software to chart the exact positions of all celestial bodies and map the night sky as it would have appeared over the Holy Land more than 2,000 years ago[more..]


Though I knew that December 25 the had nothing to do with Jesus Christ’s birthday,this was an update information on the topic. The New Testament gives no date or year for Jesus’ birth. So how come we celebrate Dec 25th as birthday?


In Rome December 25 was made popular by Pope Liberius in 354 and became the rule in the West in 435 when the first “Christ mass” was officiated by Pope Sixtus III. This coincided with the date of a celebration by the Romans to their primary god, the Sun, and to Mithras, a popular Persian sun god supposedly born on the same day. The Roman Catholic writer Mario Righetti candidly admits that, “to facilitate the acceptance of the faith by the pagan masses, the Church of Rome found it convenient to institute the 25th of December as the feast of the birth of Christ to divert them from the pagan feast, celebrated on the same day in honor of the ‘Invincible Sun’ Mithras, the conqueror of darkness” (Manual of Liturgical History, 1955, Vol. 2, p. 67). [more..]


Many of the most popular Christmas customs – including Christmas trees, mistletoe, Christmas presents, and Santa Claus – are modern incarnations of the pagan rituals ..But nevermind,it is not the date ,but the intention and faith behind it..I already celebrated Christmas yesterday by baking and gulping a cake..And I wish you all a Merry Christmas..Please take a piece from my cake and have a great day ahead..




Carrot 'n' Apple cake


Okra/Lady's Finger Flower

Okra/Lady's Finger Flower


Ripe Okra/Lady's Finger

Ripe Okra/Lady's Finger


Cucumber Flowers

Cucumber Flowers






Potato Plants

Potato Plants



Cow Pea/Payar

Cow Pea/Payar



Green chilly/pepper & Spinach sprouts

Green chilly/pepper & Spinach sprouts



Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd



🙂  Don’t think that I have lot of space here..Just a few pots and a square metre soil space..But I am too greedy about gardening.I have put coriander,methi seeds for germination,tomato,water melon lots lots more.Well,I hope atleast a few of them come up..I hope my plants will bear fruits and will give me lot of happiness..Ameeeeeeeeen…lol…



Good day to all