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Its been some time ever since I did any tag. and I am not really sure of when will I be able to do another one in near future.Thanks a ton to Nita,my buddy,for tagging me.  I am sorry to my other friends whose tags are in ‘queue’..also,I am sorry to Kanagu for not appreciating his awards,since I ddin’t have a post on it.I value your feelings and I am glad and thankful that I am being remembered,despite being an irregular blogger.. ***end of rant***

Nita’s tag is all about ‘wish-list’. I am not really sure of what is it that I want in my life..I had always been a confused person,an indecisive person who spents time weighing both balances.Thats explains why my ‘About Me ” page is always ‘under construction’..I had always dreamed of making it big in life,but not sure of ‘what,when and how’. Why am I like this,I really don’t know.I had dreamed of becoming a Doctor,but life made me a Software Engineer.Then I wanted to work and build a career and become a CEO who goes to office wearing cotton sarees.But life dumped me into a prestigious university,and asked me to study MBA.Then I started fighting with ‘debit’ ,’credit’ bla bla bla,things of which I had no idea about.. When I fell into the track,I started enjoying the game and gained spirit and courage to fight various commerce subjects..Suddenly I found myself married and then I left my fight with ‘debit’ and ‘credit’ and started fighting with spoons and utensils. I wan in a different world,with my partner and my baby.A couple of years passed,and one fine morning,I found myself confronted with a situation,where I was given a chance to complete my course,which I had dropped due to many technical reasons. I took up the challenge,again,of fighting with ‘debit’ and ‘credit’,and I have no idea how am I going to deal with it,as I had no relation with books,all these years..Still,I will try. . Earlier,going to college is all about waking up just 10 minutes before the bus timing and run to bus stop.But now,I have a baby,lot of other responsibilities,and above all,life has turned more complicated. So…. err,whatz wrong in trying. I have brushed and polished my dreams of becoming a CEO who wears cotton sarees.. I hope God will help me in my way forward,and I expect  your wishes and prayers..

Journey so far has been nice,but there isn’t anything special about it.I thank God for my friends,for there are all what I have earned in my life,till date.I am glad that I discovered the world of blogging,as it had changed the person I am and it opened up a different world for me.But blogging had done only harm in my real-life..How strange..Still,I am glad that I developed a reading habit and also,I realized that I have an opinion too..

Err,am I doing the tag? Nevermind,this is what this Nimmy is all about.There is nothing special about me,to list or elaborate. All I cherish is my dream,the one I am not really sure of.Still I want to become someone who will be remembered,as a daughter,as a wife,as a mother,as a daughter-in-law,as a friend,as …someone ,who touched their lives,and made it special,atleast for a moment.If I am remembered so,I have succeeded.

p.s: I am going to college from next week onwards. Its going to be tough time,be with me….

  1. Nimmy, I was moved as I read this. You are a wonderful person and I wish that you fulfill all your dreams. The only advise I can give you is that don’t depend on chance and fate to take you over, but make the movies yourself.
    I find your blog as one of the more intelligent blogs out there. It doesn’t matter if you post irregularly, what matters is what you post. You are capable of a lot and as your baby grows you will have the time to spread your wings. Maybe you can work out something which you can do at home so as not to disturb the family routine. Use all the talents you have Nimmy so you will look back with happiness.


    🙂 I don’t know what to say… ((hugs))) my dear Nita… -Nimmy

    • Nita, Im sure you meant moves and not movies 😉 Typo forgiven ! 😀 😀 😀


      I noticed that typo only after you mentioned it.. 🙂 -Nimmy

      • Eeeks Vimmmu, I just realised my typo! I meant moves!! I hope Nimmy you didn’t get some other idea!!! 🙂 🙂


        lol,no way..I didn’t notice that typo..-Nimmy

  2. I second Nita. You shouldnt be waiting for destiny to turn things around for you. I am sure you will fulfil your dreams one day. and guess what, when you start working as the CEO, do let me know to send you my CV. It would be great working with a wonderful person like you ! 😀 😀

    (ok, too much of sweet talk. change the CD)


    :)..of course I will recruit you as my fellow co-worker,so that i won’t need to go anywhere for daily dose of wit 😉 Nimmy

  3. Nims, All the best! May all your dreams come true.


    Thanks dear.. I hope i will meet you someday..Nimmy

    • I am coming to India in June and will be coming to Kochi to shop at Jayalakshmi and also visit temples there. Will mail you around that time.

  4. your last para says it all..you are special..aur yaad rahe..ham jab bhi kisi cheej ki shiddat se chaht karte hain saari kaynaat hame us se milaane ki koshish karti ha…all the best for your dream..even I love the corporate women in cotton sarees.


    🙂 ((hugs)) thanks for your words Renu.. -Nimmy

  5. Hey Nimmy,

    first time here and touched by this post.. most unusually done tag! your wish is simple and profound at the same time.. I wish you all the best..


    Welcome here Gauri..:) Im familiar with you,thru your comments in other blogs.. Thanks for the wishes Gauri..

    p.s: Gauri is one of my fav names,along with Anjali and a few others.. -Nimmy

  6. So sweet … u r a wonderful person Nimmy 🙂 I too had always wanted to become a doctor .. wonder when it changed and I took a plunge into engg 😉
    This is such a straight from the heart post 🙂 Loved it 🙂
    Wish u gud luck in all that u want to do in life .. God bless u 🙂
    Got to know only now that u hv a cutie-pie @ home 🙂 Lotz of luv to the li’l one 🙂


    🙂 I have given her a kiss from Swaram aunty..Thanks for your words dear.. -Nimmy

  7. Wonderful Nimmy !!! very very well written !!! 🙂 🙂


    🙂 -Nimmy

  8. Dear CEO , do consider me when u start your company hehe 🙂

    ‘debit’ ,’credit’ hehe same here…yesterday night i was battling with ‘break even analysis’ and ‘Marginal costing’.Got a product release on this Friday (@ work)and also have to submit 14 assignments on Sunday (@ studies)….

    between all the best for your studies nimmy chechi ….pozhi ellam adichu thakarthittu vaa 😀 😀


    I hope it won’t become polichu adukkal of me by my professors.. 🙄 😉

    and hey,do you work and study together?Howz that??Part-time? Thatz really tough..Good luck-Nimmy

    • ROFL hehe :),

      yeah i work and study together .But not part time(something like weekend classes )…Actually i wanted to do part time ,but you know , in India part time and software developing won’t go together(i guess as a s/w engineer you got what i meant )

      yeah when it comes assignments and exams it is really tough … after all no pain no gain…. alle 🙂


      k,i understand..-Nimmy

  9. No one knows what they want in there life nimmy chechi…so forget about that and swim along with waves 🙂
    between loved the last para 🙂


    🙂 “No one knows what they want in there life nimmy chechi”..not really..majority of people ,especially in today’s age,follow their dreams and go to any ends to fulfill it.In my opinion,those who move with the wind,like me,are people who don’t have it in them to stand up,firm and steady,for themselves.. just my thought…-Nimmy

    • Then why people are never satisfied with anything…..why they always want more(including me) rather than content about themselves.Don’t know ….i feel like that….anyways who cares hehe 😀 😀

    • masood
    • December 3rd, 2009

    What’s the obsession with cotton saris? 😛

    Very well expressed, Nims. I went through that grind too…Software Engineer + MBA – its not too bad. You’ll do just fine. But yes, with marriage, kid etc, it is going to be challenging.

    Good luck with your dream. I think its more to with the cotton sari than the CEO!!! 😀


    lol,,maybe you are right.. Thanks for your wishes..I hope it will all be fine… -Nimmy

  10. <strong -I am not really sure of what is it that I want in my life.

    – same here..i just go with the wind…well my dream does not end with being a CEO….but also appearing on the front page of the business magazine with the title best CEO of the year..lol..


    🙂 Don’t laugh at your dreams,for they may come true one day..Good luck to you too Sunder..-Nimmy

    • JGN
    • December 3rd, 2009

    Nimmy, wish you all the best in your endeavour. Pl don’t depend too much on god; belief in some god is like a crutch. Those who can walk without churches have no use of them. Also remember the story of a student who wrote “than pati, deivam pati” (half by me and half by god) in his answer paper. The teacher wrote, I have left only one-third to the god and put two “zeroes” hoping that god will put “one” on the left side!

    I suggest you read “YOU, Inc – Discover the CEO Within! By Burke Hedges.


    🙂 Thanks JGN…The story was perfect,loved it,honestly.. 🙂 And i am glad that you are a fellow state-mate 🙂 Good luck to you too…Will keep the book’s name in my mind and will read it from the library..-Nimmy

      • JGN
      • December 3rd, 2009

      Pl read as: “Those who can walk without crutches have no use of them”….(typo error)!

  11. Wonderful post,Nimmy. Loved the way you described about yourself.

    May all your wishes and dreams come true 🙂

  12. All the best! I m sure u will rock!

  13. Wow! Congratulations 🙂 I am sure you will do very well in college again. Loved reading about your dreams!! My heartiest best wishes to you – and your dreams are with you (polished and shining) – you do have lots of opinions and I admire how you express them so freely!! Look forward to reading a post on a future day about how best to maintain those irritating starched saris 🙂

  14. Wow! Congratulations 🙂 I am sure you will do very well in college again. Loved reading about your dreams!! My heartiest best wishes to you – and your dreams are with you (polished and shining) – you do have lots of opinions and I admire how you express them so freely!! Look forward to reading a post on a future day about how best to maintain those irritating startched saris 🙂

    • I know. Can someone please write a post on how to tie a sari properly. I still have no clue. 😦

    • Dev
    • December 4th, 2009

    Nimmy, from whatever I read from you, you come across as a very courageous and intelligent young woman. I’m sure you will go great guns in life. This world needs women like you. Regarding confusions and insecurities in life, even the best of us go through them. It’s part of our evolution, I guess. Take it easy and good luck with everything. 🙂

    • najeeb
    • December 4th, 2009

    when words express frankness and sincerity , it attracts people and talks to their heart directly. You seem to have that power.

    IMHO, it is better to flow with the life and devote yourself in whatever is in front of you. That is the way of stress-less life

    Best wishes for a great journey!

  15. you are a wonderful person sister… me too all the time dreamt big but now just another software engineer.. I wish you all the best for your dreams to come true.. and hope your college life is full of fun… 🙂 🙂

    And when you become as a CEO consider my resume too… 😀 😀

    Congrats.. enjoy 🙂 🙂

  16. All the best for your re-starting academic life Nimmy

  17. I think you are a really really nice, wonderful and warm person 🙂
    And I was totally moved by this honest, from the heart post.
    Hugs Nimmy!

    All the very best for college! How’s it going so far? Are you enjoying yourself?

  18. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links…

  19. Heyy, you are mentioned in my 200th post. Have a look :


  20. I finished my college a year back.. I miss my college days a lot

  21. I too tried getting back to college but they are saying that we need to write exams and pass it to get degrees! Since I found those conditions unreasonable, I dropped the idea of higher studies! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  22. Read this post so many times……absolutely luved it
    I think mist of us dont get what we wished for. and wishes do keep on changing from time to time.
    Its my belief that we ultimately get what we deserve

  23. ((((hugs))))))))))all the best Nimmy:) you will do really well:)
    warm warm wishes and a lot of prayers and much love:)))

    may u get all that you wish for:)
    best wishes for the year ahead Nimmy:)))

  24. Interesting post. After reading it I spend some time reviewing my aim in life.
    I was surprised to see your statement – ‘blogging has done only harm in real life”. I wonder how it could happen. Neverthless you have a fantastic blog, lots of thoughts put up here, most of them quiet thought provoking tooo.
    Continue your good work and convert your dream which seems to be a vision now, to a goal and acheive it. All the best!!

    • Nimmy
    • January 12th, 2010

    Dear Deeps,Reema,IHM,Solilo,Dev,Najeeb,Kanagu,Charakan,Pixie,Vijay,Vimuuu,Bhagyashree,DI,Indyeah and Subu,

    Thanks a ton for your wishes..I am so sorry,really sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your wishes and love..I was really tied up as my classes had started,and it was my sister’s marriage on the very same week,and then my uncle passed away,and then we were in hospital as somebody dear was ill etc etc etc..I was never online these days..

    I am glad that I have you people as my support system.. Will be reading your blogs as and when time permits.. Thanks a lot for being there..

    Love and regards

  25. All the best Nimmy… I hope you continue to inspire enthusiasm and fun among all your classmates as you used to do for us…

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