..Of girls’s education and marrying off them early….

My college reopened today. One of my friends randomly made a comment “Why don’t you sit at home and look after your husband and kid”.. Err…

Then I remembered this person I mentioned in my below post…Now I  have a feeling that theer not just few,but many people out there who strongly belive that girls needn’t study and that their life is meant for 2-3 purposes alone..**sigh**

A post very close to my heart…


This post is purely fictional and bears no resemblence with any characters dead or alive..

Last day,somebody told me so and so…

A: Girls should be married off by the age of 18-19..

Me:Err,isn’t that too early ..

A:Early? not at all..Bcoz by 20+,they will start making their own choices and will have own opinions

Me :So?

A: So? So ,parents should marry off girls before they start having firm opinions and start making decisions for themselves

Me :But isn’t it their life? Moroever,when we marry off them too early,how can they complete their eductaion?How can they have their career?

A: Ha,what is the need for girls to have so much education.The role of women in a society to make a good family and bring up kids in a good way .

Me :Of course that too is important,but it amazes me that a 21st century human being is saying that girls needn’t have much education..

A:All this ‘men-women equality and stuff is bullshit. Women cannot be equal to men.

Me:I never said that they are equal..Both are different on their own ways,but that doens’t mean that they weigh different in the balance of nature

A:Let me tell you an eg. Last day,there was an accident nearby,when a lady bumped into a sccooter-wala and he died..The lady was admitted to mental hospital for weeks..Have you ever heard of a man being mentally unstable just because he met with an accident?you women are silly and emotionally weak ,and let me remind you,they are physically weak since ages..

Me :You are generalizing,thatz not fair..

A:Ok,let me tell you something.What if I sent my daughter to study medicine.Obviously,by the time she passes out,she will be 24 yrs and so,and she will not accept proposals from any men on a lower grade than doctors themselves.

Me :whatz wrong in that? Its fine that a Doctor is looking out for a Doctor..

A:Its ok with her,but not for me,as I have find Crores of money for her dowry.

Me :Look out for boys who don’t ask dowry.

A:Such people exist only in theory.In pracitise,all people ask for dowry,and when it comes to higher grade boys ,as like Doctors,they ask for loads of gold and money..So tell me,should I let my daughter become a doctor and finally spoil my life in the name of her dowry,or should i marry off her to an average man,at the age mentioned earlier,when she is not so firm in her choices and opinions..On another note,there is no need for lady doctors..

Me: **faints** What??”No need for lady doctors”..

A::Yes,tell me what is the problem if there are male doctors alone? Afterall women are weak enough not to enter areas like surgery and such complicated stuff..Tell me how many efficent female surgeons and anesthesists have you seen or heard?

Me: Well,are you saying that there needn’t be female gynecologists too?A:Thats the only area where women can empathize with fellow patients..But even in that field,there isn’t a compulsory need. Labour and Cecarian will be fine in men’s hands too

Me : **girns** not knowing what to say..

A: coming back to the topic,i still stand by what i said,” Girls needn’t study much and should be married off early”..

Me :Err,this is complicated..But it is wrong that you dump her into somebody’s head even when she is immature to undertstand right and wrong in life..Moreover,if she is educated,if some problee happens in marriage life,she can stand in her own,instead of running back and crying in front of parents.

A:You are wrong.In real time,it is the educated girls who come back to families,while the other end girls move on with their life,rather than shouting for divorce and such.

Me :So,in the end,it is your happiness and not your daughter’s happiness that matters.. Ok fine,marry off your girl at 18,so that she will always be unable to resist the injustice that may happen and let her be a door mat..**sigh**

A::You are wrong,good girls will find happiness where they go..You women don’t know the world outside and hence you are making theoritical stmnts

Me : “How will we know the world and gain experience if you guys don’t let us? ”

A :”Oh,you alone is going to change the world”..

Me: ” Not really,but if i do my part, atleast my daughter will benefit from it”…

A : “Oh,so you want your daughter to become a feminist kinda girl and ruin her life” …

Me : I am glad I met you ..goodbye..



Moral of the story : Don’t argue with people who have pre-conceived notions..You will end up being labelled arrogant and outspoken…

p.s “Please do not criticize the person and say anything bad about her/him,as I don’t intend to hurt the person..But her/his thoughts are surely worth discussion,aren’t they?

  1. I remember this post Nimmy! I had responded to this too!! Let me get that link.

    • billyboneshaker
    • July 1st, 2010

    dump such people in a trash bin…

    • Smith
    • July 1st, 2010

    A is right..Girls needn’t study and waste time and money and thus national resources..They should be care takers of family.. Kids of working moms are doomed to have sick life.. Kids of working moms end up being exploited sexually and in other ways by maids and like people. Am I wrong?

    Also,working women take up opportunity of men,who in turn are need for that job,as to support his family..Women’s income is additional..If she was not working,her job would be made availed to a man,who will rescue a family as a whole..

    Women need only take care of family..These days,they turn face against household work and is being grumpy.. Always irritated and complaining..Indian women need physcological help..

  2. Oh I remember this one and IHM’s wonderful reply too 🙂

  3. Is this isn’t a real conversation? In my experience people don’t show their bigotry openly. They’ll hem and haw and only under much prodding will they let their real feelings slip.

    I’d love to get into an argument with a real bigot who openly states his or her views like your friend above. But I don’t find them hanging around 😀

    • sunder
    • July 2nd, 2010

    Yes there are many who hold these thoughts….it takes time to change…considering the population and no of classes..

    have you heard this , dont educate the son more than the father..then he may not respect you later..this is the advise my father got when i finished my graduation…

  4. After reading this, all I can say is I’m really glad to have ‘met’ you, Nimmy :). We need more women like you to make people quash these medieval ideologies like the one voiced by ‘A’.

    Brilliant post!

  5. @ Smith———————
    ‘me’ is right. Boys needn’t study and waste time and money and thus national resources. They can be care takers of family.

    Kids of working dads are doomed to have sick life. Kids of working dads may end up being exploited sexually and in other ways by maids and like people. Am I wrong?

    Also, working men take up opportunity of women, who in turn are needed for that job, as to support her family. Men’s income is additional. If he was not working, his job would be made available to a woman, who will rescue a family as a whole.

    Men need only take care of family. These days, they turn their face against household work and are being grumpy. Always irritated and complaining. Indian men need psychological help.

    —————————-there. Fixed it for you.

  6. interesting and realistic topic
    everyone needs education.

  7. It really hurts when people speak like this 😦 😦 hope they understand.. everyone is equal…

  8. I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future.

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  9. u have joined college? as a student or teacher?

  10. In celebration of its Golden Jubilee, the Indo-American Society (IAS) is proud to convene the first ever Indo-American Summit on Higher Education during 30, 31 July 2010 and 1 August 2010 at the Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

    The Summit will present participants with an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with key business, political and academic personalities at a national and international level and address important issues, particularly in regard to policy framing and regulations and international partnerships.

    • Jahanpanah
    • October 2nd, 2010

    I’m an unemployed person and ready to do what you have stated in your comment. I’ve become sick and frustrated of finding a job and now really need to settle down with a working girl because I’ve come to realise that I dont want to follow the same old customs where men used to be the bread earner of the family.I’m also ready to sit at home and do my bit, what is required.
    Will you marry me?

    • 🙂

      Being a woman myself,I would not accept that offer,for i don’t want to get burdened with the duty of being the bread winner and get responsible…

      Letz see what other women have to say…

      • 🙂
        To quote Tim Allen
        “Women now have choices. They can be married, not married, have a job, not have a job, be married with children, unmarried with children. Men have the same choice we’ve always had: work or prison.”

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