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Ayodhya verdict… I’m loving it…

Long since I blogged..As Dhiren puts it,i’ve been itching to write since days..But tight schedules at home and college,yeah same old story….

The Ayodhya verdict made me have a great time..I am way too long away from understanding it completely,nor am I interested in it…Damn the masjid and temple at Ayodhya,I have plenty of both around me…But cannot stop myself from making a rant on why I’m loving the present verdict..

1. I thought Lord Rama is a legend,somone whom people worship for the just person he was ,someone whom all Indians revered..But now the verdict tells me that he was only one among the millions and zillions of people in India,who was born,whose birth was recorded just a hundred years ago,and that too on a bed particularly beneath the dome of the masjid…Interesting..Right under the dome?Very interesting…

2. The verdict tells me that even if the masjid was still there,we would ahve had to demolish it and divide the land into three,as the birthplace is right under the dome,no matter if the masjid exists or not…Yeah,its better that BJP and RSS did the civil works 18 years ago so that we don’t have to spent money on demolishing a 400 year old one today…

3. I read that masjid was built after demolishing a temple.Maybe it is true,maybe it is false..Why not allot the land half-half..Why 2/3 and 1/3 ? Fair enough for both sides..Both parties can pray can lead the world by example,”See how united we are with our ‘Unity in Diversity”..Well,now on what grounds are the saffron going to supreme court?

ROFL,my eyes just got locked on the news that ‘ A significant step,says BJP- RSS urges muslims to give up their share of the area“..Interesting…

4 . I read  ‘this is only civil case verdict,criminal case against Advani,Uma and so are on the roll”..Duh,what was their crime? Afterall,they did social work,so that we don’t have to spent money demolishing the masjid now..

5.In malayalam,we have a saying ‘Mannum chaari ninnavan,pennum kondu poyi’,implying,the one who stood leaning the pillar took away the bride.. I am wondering why VHP,a late comer in the case was alloted land..

6. I am planning to place a Quran in the middle,’sreekovil’ of my nearby temple,at the darkness of night,like a coward,so that after some 60+ years ,people around here was win the verdict  that ‘Since Quran was there since 60 years,give land to muslims so that they can pray there ‘.Intersting…Well,don’t laugh at me..The same happened here too right? Some fellow placed the idol inside the masjid in 1949,and now those elements have won..Cool system…

7 . Mulayam says ‘Muslims feel cheated”,he himself feels low,for no muslim raised sound made issues regarding the verdict..So he is trying hard to pour poison and create trouble so that so muslim in some part of teh counrty will do some crime and the whole country can sing about it..Sorry Mr Mulayam,we have grown up, (I guess) Please go To Pakistan and make trouble there..They have less news these days..

8. Actually,I have an eye on a property in  Cochin city..I am planning to make a statement that Prophet Muhammed landed here in torpedo,and thus I have the claim to make a building there,to pray or whatever…Well,who knows,maybe I will get a favorable verdict..Afterall,it is a matter of my ‘faith’…I thought that the court is meant to go by evidence,but that sin’t the case anymore..
9. People tell ‘Let go the land and masjid,who cares about it’..Err,I care the least about Ayodhya as a place in particular..But I heard that there are 1000 + such similar disputes going on in the country..Many temples have been put down,many masjids have been out down..Will this verict have an effect on their course?And what if Wakf Board,who held the land for last 400 years were alloted 2/3 of land?..Would you taken the satnd ‘We are making our hearts bigger,for we are going to give you the remaining 1/3″

10. As Justice Khan rightly said,it is time for muslims to prove and enlighten others of what Islam teaches them..Don’t move around cutting hands or chopping heads of people,for one should have better things in life to do in the name of religion..And all you restless people out there,come to my hometown,I will show you how we maintain a beautiful mandir and masjid acroos one single compound wall..Hell will bored people who have nothing to do in life,except creat trouble and more hell with people who have nothing better in life to do,other than listening to and following such radical elements..

But,to be honest,I adore this verdict,for it poured ice- cold water over all those boiling hearts who were waiting to jump into the scene..What is it that I liked the most about this verdict ?..That it gave no scope for criminal elements to make trouble and create a hungama.. Everybody was waiting for strikes,marches, bla bla bla,but the judges disappointed them..Poor ones,they might have got really upset for all extreme elements would have bee waiting with  their bags ready to stir trouble the day and next of verdict..Thanks to the three judges…For everyone is confused whether they have won or lost and that was the sole beauty of the verdict,as far as my silly stupid brain perceives it..

In contrast, the old city area of Lucknow, long considered communally sensitive, appeared businesslike on Friday. There is ennui with the seemingly interminable legal battle over the Ayodhya title suit, a feeling underlined by Rafat Khan (40), who said, “We’ve to look forward. Our children have to study and make a career. We have to do business. That’s all we need now.” The police presence outside the mosque left him bemused. “What does the administration fear? This is not 1992. It’s the 21st century. We want drinking water and electricity, not mosque or temple.” Read more

p.s : I wonder if muslims and hindus praying there will get any peace of mind,as is the case with a place of worship… Religion is for us to have a peace of mind,but is that the case anymore? Stop questioning if Ram was real or Mythology,for it is matter of faith..Stop pondering over Prophet Muhammad’s number of wives..Stop fighitng over  Barber who have become molecules centuries ago. Please build a small and cute temple and a masjid and finish off the matter..Don’t go for appeal and drag the case for another century,so that your grandkids will fight your case…Please don’t inject the poison of communalism onto our generation..Please take it with you when you leave this earth…India is the most beautiful place on earth.Please let us live peacefully.